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Canada Day/NBL Meeting/Congrats

Got home after the penultimate edition of Offsides and I have to update this post. Why?

“BREAKING NEWS: The ownership group originally looking to bring professional basketball to Kingston, Ontario was unable to come to an agreement with their city for the 2011-12 season. The ownership group and league President & CEO, Andre Levingston, are in serious negotiations to bring the franchise to Moncton, New Brunswick as we type this.”

Well, that’s a great way to end the month.  Just when I think the city might have their act together with the K-Rock Centre.  This happens.  Fronts, by their own admission, in rebuilding mode which means not great crowds.  So you’d think another tenant would help.  Apparently not.  Tomorrow being a holiday I don’t expect much of an update till Monday.  Maybe Saturday’s Whig-Standard depending on things.  Back to the regularly scheduled post from this morning.

Back in the chair on Friday. Going with my original plan for 2 hours of Hey Rosetta! with them being part of the Canada Day Tragically Hip show in Toronto. For those of us who can’t make it.

Probably sticking with more rare stuff. They just released for free some live tracks you can download from a recording session at The Verge in Toronto. Recently got the original EP they put out in 2005 which you can’t find anywhere. Even CFRC doesn’t have this and they have the original printing of ‘Plan Your Escape’. Look forward to that on Friday. I will upload that show too [which I haven’t done in a while].

Was writing a blog on a variety of topics which I will post next week. With the NBL Canada Owners meeting I thought I should write an update on that. Especially with Canada Day tomorrow. These were posted on Twitter and Facebook at the following links.


Owner’s Meeting Voting Results, June 29, 2011

• Established active team rosters of a minimum of ten players and a maximum of twelve.

• Established the minimum number of Canadian players on active rosters at two per team.

• The National Basketball League of Canada will play under FIBA rules, but with 12-minute quarters.

• The number of regular season games is set at 36, with each team playing each other during three home and three away games.

• Established the playoff format to consist of the top four teams based on their regular season record. The first round of playoffs will be a best of three series, with the championship round being a best of five.

• Voted on holding the inaugural NBL Canada All Star Weekend in mid-January 2012, and establishing a process for cities to bid on hosting.

• Returning franchises will be permitted to submit a protected list to the league of five players from the previously established teams.

• The NBL Canada Pre-Draft Combine will be held on August 20 and 21, 2011, at Seneca College in Toronto. The first day will be a free agent combine, while the second day will for Canadian players only.

• On the night of Sunday, August 21, 2011, the NBL Draft will be held at the Rogers Centre in Toronto. The Draft will consist of three rounds: the first being a free agent player, while the second and third rounds will be for Canadian players only. All draft candidates must pre-register and attend the combine that pertains to their status to be drafted.

• The order of the NBL Draft 2011 was established by lottery for the four expansion teams, followed by the reverse order of the founding teams last season records. The official draft order will be released when 2011-12 NBL teams are formally announced.

Also mentioned was Maurizio Gherardini, VP and Assistant GM of the Toronto Raptors, stopped by the meeting. He was also involved in starting the Euro League.

The franchises will be announced in 2 weeks but as of now it looks like Oshawa, Kingston, London and a team from PEI would join Quebec, Saint John and Halifax. Talk of expanding in 2012-13. If you read the earlier posts you will remember interest from Moncton, Fredericton and Barrie. To me sounded just a matter of a tight schedule for some of those places.

Here in Kingston we are lucky in that we have an arena that is only 3 years old. And only permanent tenant is the Frontenacs. Reduces the facility headaches. Majority of OHL schedule are Friday night games.

Now time for a few well wishes.

Congrats to CFRC Alumni Julie Stewart-Binks on her move to Winnipeg. She’ll be part of Fox Soccer Report which is made in that city. Now she gets to be there when the Jets return this fall. And remember the Jets will be in the Eastern Conference this season since they didn’t have time to realign things. Visits from the Bruins, Leafs, Habs, Penguins, Captials, etc. Tickets might be hard to get, but not as hard as getting Leaf tickets are. I would think. Good luck Julie, not that she needs it.


Finally a congrats to Tyler King who is leaving Kingston soon. Radio job in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Full time news and gets to call junior hockey. Does mean my helping out on ‘Offsides’ Thursday afternoons will come to an end. Tyler called Voyageurs games this past season and worked at CKWS in town along with the CFRC show. So I think the year will be less busy for him. Matt Bisson is now in Edmonton and the computers were acting up a few weeks ago. On Twitter I used a joke about Queen’s Football that works for Tyler too ‘could be worse, at least you don’t have a blown out tire on the 401’. I will explain that comment another time. 🙂


And yes Fort Mac. ‘Little Newfoundland’ as I have joked. Which isn’t really a joke if you know that town any. Just look on WikiTravel about the place.


“The Fort McMurray Newfoundlanders Club – A very popular spot with the locals. All kinds of music are played here. Club mix, country, rock, and yes, Newfie music. Be sure that if you’re going to show up on a Friday or Saturday night, come early, as this place fills up quickly.”

Realized this week there is a streak of Western Provinces grabbing CFRC people I’ve worked with since I’ve been here. Tyler, Matt and Julie the latest ones. First year I started helping out Richard Zussman was wrapping up his work on the football broadcasts. He went to CityTV in Edmonton then onto SunTV in Vancouver. Guess the West is getting bigger every year.

That’s it for this week. Enjoy the long weekend.

NBL Canada and AHL talk

Usually a blog entry doesn’t get out of date too quickly, unless it was the last one. Mostly for the AHL rumours that came out of nowhere. Manitoba Moose moving to St. John’s, Newfoundland? A puzzling choice if you read the last post and the problems that causes the Baby Leafs to leave the province. No AHL team east of Ontario right now. Then I heard who was interested in buying the team, Danny Williams.

Now most people just know Danny as the former premier of Newfoundland and Labrador. His nickname before was ‘Danny Millions’ for good reason. Did quite well in business. Owned Cable Atlantic and sold that off in the early 2000s. Telecommunications part went for $76 Million and the Cable TV part for $152 Million. Add the law practice he also sold around the same time and reports I’ve read put his net worth north of $200 Million, give or take. He was also on the board of directors for the St. John’s Maple Leafs so he’s not new to hockey.

Still, with a team in St. John’s and no team nearby you are on an island in more ways than one. Which is why Danny was talking about a subsidy from the Newfoundland government. King Danny [as I used to call him on Twitter] might’ve wanted to be nicer to the government people after he left. Hasn’t gone smoothly. Basis of it I’m not sure about. A few months ago the provincial Conservatives had a dinner in his honour. One problem, Danny didn’t show up. Bit of a problem.

Here we are with him now asking for a subsidy. Now I didn’tt see governments giving that to professional teams at all. But they shot it down even more quickly than I thought. Quick with a captial Q. The subsidy speculation was over the weekend, government shot it down on the 25th. Not often does government move that quickly on anything.

…said in a statement to NTV News that he was “deeply disappointed” with the government’s decision. Williams said a subsidy was a “critical part” of bringing a team to St. John’s.

We will see how this goes. Could it work? Maybe. Although just look at what the NBL teams have done. Started an all Canadian league which will help reduce travel costs. Having a hockey team in St. John’s is going to be expensive. Closest team is Portland, Maine. Toronto is the nearest Canadian city in the AHL. That is a hard travel schedule. It is not something that is happening by October. Talk about 1 or 2 years down the road, if it were to happen at all.

With the wacky hockey update out of the way. Some updates with NBL Canada, fun one from Twitter of all things. Shomari Williams, a defensive end with the Saskatchewan Roughriders and I were discussing the NBL late Sunday night. He was interested in details on teams. You might be wondering how we know each other. Found him on Twitter the summer before he transferred to Queen’s.  Found out we both were Redskins fans and kept in touch a bit on Twitter. Shomari won a Vanier Cup with them and then drafted 1st overall by the Roughriders. Played in the Grey Cup in his 1st season. On the business side, anyone who has a picture on his website with Warren Buffett knows more than I do.


“Shomari Williams the President received his BBA in Entrepreneurship at the University of Houston in 2009, he also has a minor in marketing and a Certificate in Professional Selling.”

So we were discussing how much the teams might be going for, the salary cap, that sort of thing. Things I’ve pieced together from articles. A story in Metro Halifax, quoted the same source I did.

“The Kingston Whig-Standard reports that NBL Canada’s franchise fee is “six figures,” while operating costs are pegged at $1 million per year.”

Now I will go to the exact quote from The Whig Standard from the previous week.

“The league’s interim chief operating officer, Ian McCarthy, said owners must be prepared to cover up to $1 million in annual operating costs and an expansion fee that includes stock in the league. McCarthy wouldn’t specify the fee, but said it’s six figures.”

After the 1st blog I might as well go deeper into it about the Kingston team. No limit for length here. The letter of intent, from the Whig Standard again.

“National Basketball League of Canada officials said Steven Conville, an investment adviser to professional athletes and entertainers, signed the letter. However, Conville said he’s only a spokesperson for three prospective owners who will not release their names until the application process is completed.”

Years ago research would have taken days or weeks. Now it’s so simple. Mr. Conville is the Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor at Macquarie Private Wealth in Toronto. Also found his Twitter page. Yes, another person on Twitter. I joined up in 2008 which seems like ancient times.


“Skillfully help individuals to preserve & grow their capital. Built & managed several top-performing brokerage offices. A specialist in sports & entertainment.”

So we are waiting to find out what the teams are, and who might be the people behind the Kingston one. Haven’t found anyone even hazard a guess on who it might be.  Deposit cheques are due this week. Latest news is from Halifax and Moncton newspapers.

Saturday the Chronicle Herald had some more details. Full franchise fees due on June 15th and salary cap near or a bit higher to $150,000. Regular season length to be determined, sounding like 30 or a bit more. Rainment owner, Andre Levingston: “We’ll have a discussion. It could be a few more games but we don’t really see it in anything less than 30 games.” Teams announced on June 30th.

Right now Levingston and Ian McCarthy [Saint John Mill Rats] are in charge for the time being. Once teams are announced and things settle down a full-time commissioner and a director of league operations will  be hired.

Metro pretty much summed up their story in the headline part.

Moncton has three weeks to get owners on board for NBL
Four Ontario teams expected to move forward
Ownership groups from Ottawa and Kitchener have also had talks with NBL Canada about the possibility of establishing a franchise.

From what I have gathered, being in Ontario and just reading things online, Moncton sounds more likely for a 2012-13 season at this point. League has spoken with the Moncton Coliseum about the details of a possible lease arrangement. Moncton wasn’t one of the teams with a letter of intent, and no formal ownership group from my researching a few stories. Which explains my 2012 reasoning.

The Ottawa/Kitchener sentence, isn’t given any more details in the article. So I’m betting that’s a discussion for a year or two down the road.

That’s all the news I’ve found lately.  Here are a couple of links.


NBL founders await deposit cheques



NBL Canada

News last week of an all Canadian basketball league starting up. Glad to hear. Fact a couple of the people starting is from the Maritimes is nice for me to see. Andre Levingston of the Halifax Rainmen, Ian McCarthy of the Saint John Mill Rats and Vincent Bernier of the Quebec Kebs. Seeing as this blog started as one with my radio show on East Coast Music.

Now I was born in Newfoundland, then my Dad joined the army so moved around a lot. I did spend 4 years at CFB Gagetown in New Brunswick. During the heyday of AHL hockey in Atlantic Canada. A league with players looking to move up to the NHL, and players also just making a living at the AHL level. Late 1980’s/early 1990’s AHL out east was big. They had Fredericton Canadiens, Saint John Flames, Cape Breton Oilers, St. John’s Maple Leafs, Moncton Hawks, Halifax Citadels, PEI Senators among them.

Was quite a good time to live there as a sports fan. Cape Breton won a Calder Cup and Fredericton got to a finals. Over the years it ended up that all the teams from the Maritimes left. Only leaving St. John’s as a franchise in Atlantic Canada. Which as a Newfoundlander I knew wasn’t going to last long. When you are the only team east of Quebec just for traveling alone it doesn’t make sense for the Maple Leafs to have their farm team all alone on the Rock.

Reason the teams left was complicated. One reason is something the NBL doesn’t have to worry about. Having a team above you in charge of your roster. For example, the Edmonton Oilers having a farm team in Cape Breton was something that ate up a lot of funds. Calling someone up, or moving a guy down in the middle of the winter across the country is tough. Especially in the 90s when Canadian teams were struggling financially. Dominoe effect started once 1 or 2 teams left. Travel costs going higher without teams within an easy travel distance. Which then cost more money for everyone.

Roster thing also hurt in another way. Some teams would call up AHL guys to the big club right as playoffs began. If they were contibuting that would be one thing. But too many times they were just used as back up. Idea of having a player not dressing for an NHL playoff series instead of getting ice time in an AHL playoffs was one that fans did not understand. Also hurt attendance in some markets. If you follow a team all of the regular season then have the rug pulled out from under you, as a fan why would you come back?

Back to the NBL. As pointed out Canada is the only Top 40 country FIBA ranking without a domestic league. So I’m glad we would have one now. Idea so far is one that solves the traveling problem the AHL had. As of now they are planning some teams in Ontario along with the 3 teams who left the Premier Basketball League [Saint John, Quebec and Halifax]. Another in Moncton could happen. So if you are Saint John/Halifax/Moncton you can fly to Ontario and play a few teams at once. Vice versa a team in Kingston could fly to Moncton, as an example, and bus it to 3 teams on one trip.

With working on Queen’s sports broadcasts I know that’s what they try to do for University sports. Basketball team from Toronto on a road trip will visit Queen’s, Ottawa and Carleton. You don’t want Toronto taking a bus to Kingston one week or then Ottawa the next, if you can help it. Doesn’t make financial sense.

Official word on which teams will play in the fall hasn’t been announced. They have said which ones have letters of intent. So far they are picking good markets like Kingston and London. Both have university towns with good sports programs. Last year you might recall a brand new gym for the basketball program opened up. CBC even had a national broadcast one Saturday afternoon from the facility.

As for the Queen’s hockey team. Not so lucky. Jock Harty Arena was torn down a couple of years back and not replaced. So the hockey teams have to practice and play at the Memorial Centre which was built in 1950. Does show that basketball fans are in the area since they have a new facility while the hockey teams have been nomadic for a few seasons. Story I heard on Offsides with Tyler King on CFRC about 6am practices for example since the M-Centre is a public facitily and that’s the only time they could get. Hopefully that is not the long term case, but it might be.

Talking to a guy who is a casual sports fan he said ‘I’d say more people in Kingston would want to go to a basketball game as opposed to hockey’. Part of that is the Kingston Frontenacs years of struggles, which has translated to bad attendance. Also we have so much hockey in town. Frontenacs, Voyageurs and Queen’s [Men’s and Women’s]. The Vees have a great fanbase in the West End, Queen’s turnout with an arena not on campus is quite low.

As for me as a basketball fan. Watched quite a bit in the Jordan-era. March Madness is always something to follow. Over the years I watched less NBA/NHL and more NFL. Also following university. Until this past year. I started watching more Raptors games this season, I’m aware this wasn’t the best year to choose.

With my use of social media and Twitter especially I’ve found a lot of basketball fans. Also basketball media people who use it a lot. Kat from the RaptorSpace show for example. Found out she was also with the Raptors Dance Pak along with others in the group. I follow almost 500 people so it’s good to have a good cross section. So while I’m online while hosting the radio show on Friday night I started to come home and watch the 2nd half of the Raptors games. When a lot of people are talking about a game that night it makes you want to watch.

Kat pointed out Annalise from the group was from Nova Scotia so started following her. She told me about a musician friend who I played on my radio show. Stuff like that helps the connection between fans and a team. [We’ll ignore the fact most people don’t have a radio show to play music on]

Ended up I even watched the Raptors-Heat game that ended the season. Taped it on the PVR, since I work midnights. Thought it would be Chris Bosh vs Toronto. Then realized the Heat’s playoff spot couldn’t move up or down. So they rested the starters. Yet, I still watched the entire game. Thought I might see a victory with LeBron/Wade/Bosh out. Nope. Lost 97-79. Very close game for 3 quarters though. You wouldn’t know if you hadn’t watched.

Also glad to see NBL starting off slowly, too many leagues try and get too many teams at once. Better to have strong teams first then add down the line. Major League Soccer for example. I didn’t think after the 1994 World Cup that MLS would be around 5 years later let alone 15. Similar structure to MLS in that the NBL will be owned by its member teams. Different way of thinking when MLS started but it has worked out well. Less in-fighting. Now MLS is in Toronto/Vancouver and has a TV deal with TSN.

When it comes to Canadian players there will be a quota for each team, which helps the CFL in the eyes of their fans. The timing of the fall will be good for one big reason, no NBA basketball. A lockout is coming to that league too. Not a question of ‘IF’ there will be a lockout just how long it will be. Owners looking to have a ‘hard salary cap’ and a much lower amount than the current system. If you have TSN and Sportsnet’s multiple feeds you know how much NBA is on them. NHL lockout gave us the rise in poker programming, which is something I don’t watch on sports channels. I have to draw the line somewhere. It is a spot for some NBL games to be shown. Halifax Rainmen and Saint John Mill Rats have their games aired on Rogers TV so the set-up is there.

Kingston is a TVCogeco market which does Frontenac games along with Queen’s Football and other sports from time to time. I volunteered there when I moved to Kingston before doing my CFRC volunteer gig. Good to have a place in town to show games.

For more reading check out the following stories and a TV interview with Andre Levingston from CBC Martitimes. Runs almost 22 minutes.

Hoop owners got it right this time http://thechronicleherald.ca/Sports/1243145.html

Rainmen’s new league takes flight http://www.metronews.ca/halifax/sports/article/858480–rainmen-s-new-league-takes-flight

Alex J Walling http://www.tsn.ca/columnists/alex_walling/?id=365599

Canadian hoops league a slam dunk http://www.torontosun.com/2011/05/12/canadian-hoops-league-a-slam-dunk

Quebec Kebs help form new National Basketball League of Canada

Mill Rats join select crowd in Canadian pro hoops loop

National hoops loop announced

Raptors HQ

Andre Levingston interview, runs about 22 minutes. CBC Maritimes

Fredericton group exploring new hoop loop

Professional basketball just might work well in Moncton

Good luck to the Kingston team, if they start this fall. As locals know the city government has been dealing with K-Rock Centre shortfalls. A new tenant is much better than the building sitting empty, which I’ve seen quite a few times.  Someone else at work this week asked if there was anything else in the paper about the basketball team.

As for the previous blogs posts looks like Natalie Thomas from The Weather Network has the advantage in the NHL Playoff Picks against me.  Since she played Division I Basketball for Appalachian State she will like this basketball news too.  Like me she’s working the long weekend so check her out on TWN.  Hopefully where you live will have less rain than we’ve had here.

Live radio show tonight as usual.  Next week the plan is to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the program with an interview.  As to with who I’ll mention that on the show tonight.  Someone I’ve spoken too before.  That time I got a lot of messages and comments about it.  On the weekend I’ll blog about who it is.

Enjoy the long weekend, if you have it off.

U.S. NHL TV Ramblings/Good Friday

Thought to have another hockey post during the 1st round, but this TV related. For those who read the blog during the Olympics remember I commented quite a bit then about TV coverage and the like.

News that NHL signed a new deal in the US. 10 years with Comcast/NBC worth $2 Billion. First thought, that is WAY too long of a deal. A decade at anytime is a fair chunk of time. With technology today it’s even moreso. 2001 I didn’t have HDTV. Facebook and Twitter hadn’t been created yet. Idea of being able to watch video on a cell phone was crazy. Even trying to watch video online was a chore.

Some articles saying it’s a big win in the first battle of ESPN vs Comcast. Guess they forgot the ‘right to match’ part. Then it’s not an even playing field. Which was a problem. Even if the NHL wanted to go to ESPN it was out of their hands. Not smart whoever let that in a TV contract. With the merger that has Comcast/NBC/Universal under one umbrella they were not going to let something get away that they could overpay for and keep. No matter what someone else offered they could match. So it’s a “win” on a technicality.

Being in Canada I did catch some of Versus’ coverage of the NHL at start of the season. For those overseas regular season games TSN just picked up the Versus feed. Quite bad. Not a channel that just got the NHL rights last year either. Years of doing it and still not good coverage? Insane. Those reading in Canada, Versus is what OLN [Outdoor Life Network] became in America. So NHL hockey along with fishing, yachting and bike racing. Not the most high profile sports.

Games aired on NBC are much better of course. Should be with the big guns they have on air and the production side. With the Comcast/NBC merger hopefully the Versus side will increase. Read they will change again to NBC Sports Network or something like that. They can’t get worse.

The ESPN side of things is where they suffer. Just watching Pardon the Interruption on Monday was proof of that. Entire first segment on the NBA playoffs. You’d think it was the only playoffs going on. 2nd segment they did talk one NHL story. Canucks’ Torres not getting suspended. Both agreed the NHL disciplinary is a joke. So the only NHL comment as of that time on the show was negative. Very end of the show as in the last few seconds they asked who was going to win that night`s game between Boston/Montreal. Since I recorded the show it got cut off because it was that late in the program.

The decade long deal really handcuffs the NHL. Since with a reasonable length of a contract ESPN could stay partly interested. A decade though kills that idea. No point at all for them to promote NHL on all it’s properties.

Some good news for US fans. All the Stanley Cup Finals games will be on NBC. I know, fact that is a selling point of the new deal is lame. Some Twitter comments about the deal.

Turnkey Intelligence VP & Group Dir Steve Seiferheld: “No surprise to me at all, Versus can’t be a sports network without at least one mainstream sport.”

CAP Sports Group Owner Curt Pires: “No surprise by the NBC Sports – NHL deal. Its an exciting time for sports rights. You have to keep what you own before you add anything new.

National Post’s Bruce Arthur: “Thank goodness the NHL’s going back to NBC. ESPN doesn’t even have a horse race they could cut away from overtime playoff hockey for.”

Yes, you might’ve forgotten about that. NBC scheduled playoff hockey on Sunday afternoon which ended up going to OT. Game cut into horse racing so they cut away from Sabres-Sens and pushed the game to Cable. Shows their priorites.

As for numbers, ESPN has over 100 Million subscribers. Versus ratings last year averaged 353,000 viewers. Drop in the bucket nationally speaking, even with that being 19% higher than last year. 353K is a number that would get a show on the CBC cancelled. From AdWeek some background on what happened years ago. NHL went to Versus because of an ESPN executive shooting his mouth off.


“Not only would it get hockey back on SportsCenter, but you know ESPN would go all out with their playoff coverage,” the exec said. “When you think about all the shoulder programming and feature packages they would have put together . . . it just feels like a lost opportunity.”

And in the past week a huge story has really changed things. The biggest US Poker websites getting seized by the US Government. Reason it’s big is right away Poker Advertising is gone. I mean GONE. Dropped from all major sports channels and most poker shows were created and run by those same poker companies. They can’t be aired either. That is a lot of inventory that has now disappeared without any warning.

“ESPN will remove poker advertising and programming after the U.S. indicted gambling websites that sponsor televised tournaments and froze their bank accounts”

Hmmm, who thinks ESPN needs something to fill that void? Lost opportunity in more ways than one. Poker story could be an entire separate post. Fascinating part is that Poker websites in Canada are deemed OK. No worries here. So there is talk already from some poker players coming up and living in Canada to make money. Those who made a living playing online poker, they do exist, now can’t make that money in the US. Sounds like the plot to a bad sitcom. ‘American poker player moves to Winnpeg and has to deal with the locals.’

In 10 years could NBC Sports Channel [or whatever they call it] rival ESPN? No. Will be bigger than OLN/VERSUS, faint praise.  Just compare the conglomerate. Off the top of my head there is ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Classic, ESPN.com, ESPN Radio, ESPN Magazine, ESPN podcasts and ABC. That’s a lot of places to get the word out on a sport. As pointed out just look at soccer. ESPN gets MLS and the amount of stories increase. TSN gets Toronto FC/Vancouver Whitecaps and I saw a SportsCentre Top 10 entirely on soccer. Coincidence? Hardly.

SportsCenter in the US more likely to have Top 10 Playoff Hockey Goals or Top 10 Playoff Basketball Shots? We know the answer. And casual fans watch ESPN. Lot of casual fans. I have an example of how coverage or lack of coverage of a certain team can affect things.

Got to work a few days ago after Canucks/Blackhawks ended. Guy wanted Vancouver to win. Canucks won that game, which we didn’t see since we work midnights and it was an earlier start.  He asked me “Are the Sedins Canadian?”…… yes a real question. The Sedins are twin brothers from Sweden. Informed him they weren’t from Canada. He is a Leafs fan however not a die hard who can name each player on the team or anything.  That was a good example of ‘casual sports fans’. If you don’t hear much about a team or sport you don’t pay attention to it.

I’m sure I heard all people in Vancovuer hit their head against a wall when they read the Sedins question. Power of the media for you.

After all of that some radio news.  Good Friday I will be live in studio doing a show.  Interview with Allison Crowe that will air next week as well, for those listeners who will be out of town for the Easter Weekend.  Those who are listening on Friday will get Hey Rosetta! ‘Seeds’ on Vinyl, in it’s entirety.  Just found out ‘Seeds’ is currently Number 1 on the CFRC album charts.  Was going to play 1 side of the album, with that news I will play the whole thing.  And it’s Good Friday.  Holiday for most people so you will enjoy something different.