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Early May Potpourri

Too many different topics, so I pull out the ‘Potpourri’ title from Jeopardy for this post.

New CD in the mail so that will be on Friday Night.  Some rock from Halifax with the band ‘Brite Vu’.  And some more new stuff.

Haven’t decided when I’ll do the ‘official’ 2 year anniversary show.  It was middle of May so it will air sometime this month.  🙂

Good luck to fellow blogger Bart Given and his family on the move to Vancouver.


Hasn’t the statute of limitations run out on the ‘glass desk’ joke?  LOL. [For non-sports fans don’t worry it would take a while to explain it anyway.]

Jody started working in radio so really is a full circle going back.  Good for Bart since it will be easier for him to baseball being on West Coast time.  Jays game at 4pm for example.

Congrats to Chris Zelkovich on the scoop.  Tyler had him as a guest on ‘Offsides’ last year so that always get him bonus points if you’re part of a CFRC show.

If everything goes according to plan Bart will be a guest on Offsides this Friday at 4pm EST on CFRC.  So tune in then, or watch Out of Left Field for the interview once it’s posted.


Saw Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers concert last night with my Mom.  Very good and a packed house at the Grand Theatre in Kingston.  Leaving the concert we were behind a car who apparently drove from Belleville for the show.

Here is the website for the band, wrapping up the Ontario part of their tour this month.  They mentioned recording songs for a new CD, so I’ll keep my eye out for that.


That’s it for now.  Covered a lot. 🙂

Feb. 20th Episode with Sora

With the length of the interview and the songs I didn’t divide up the show into separate hours.  So here’s the full 2 hour show.  One of the better shows I think.  Content was great, no technical mistakes and already have heard a good response.

Got a phone call from across the border.  Caller in Watertown, NY as he had just gotten home and wanted to know more about Sora.

Going to put up a podcast just with Sora’s stuff sometime in the next week.  Already recorded some extra voiceovers for that and am going to find some outtakes from our interview.


Interview I did recently with Sora. And I play tracks from her upcoming CD, Heartwood. Along with some other songs from Sora for a lot of the show.

In the second hour I also played some of Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers.  They’re coming to Kingston in May, and I did an interview with Ray Johnson from the band right after this episode aired.

Music from Ian Foster to open and close the show. Brand new song to open the show and some rare “demo” versions to end the show.

Feb. 6th Show

Bit later than usual but here is the show from Friday.


Second funding drive show. So if you’re wondering why I mention the pledge line a lot, that’s why.

The music of Figgy Duff, Allison Crowe, Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers, Don Brownrigg, Dana Parsons, Dayliner and The Slate Pacific.


End of the Funding Drive shows with a mix of music.

Glamourpuss, Great Big Sea, Jessica Rhaye, Haines/Leighton, Share, The Olympic Symphonium, The Lever Pulled and Allison Crowe.