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Sunday Update

Hope everyone is enjoying Labour Day Weekend, unless you are like me and working. ¬†Then you don’t really care about a 3 day weekend. ūüôā

Queen’s Football on Monday afternoon, kickoff at 2pm. ¬†Regular season begins as Guelph travels to Kingston. ¬†Should be a good game, better than the UofT one last Monday.

Facebook group is slowing coming along. ¬†11 members but since I started it right before a long weekend I’m not expecting the numbers to rise too quickly.


Some familiar names.  Jennie Pardy, from Nova Scotia who I have played before on the show.  One of the first musicians I found the first summer of doing the show.

Brent MacLean from The Lever Pulled and Toni Marie are also on there. ¬†Along with ‘Airchecker’, friend from Twitter and Facebook.


He or she, started the account a few months ago. ¬†Billed as “Canada’s number one source for the Canadian Radio Industry” they have had a tonne of great updates. ¬†Protected updates on Twitter so you can’t see them right away.

Airchecker is in Vancouver and from what I’ve gathered is VERY knowledgeable about the radio industry. ¬†Stays anonymous but that makes sense when you are getting news tips from people across the country.

Back to my program, I fell a bit behind on uploading the last episode of August. ¬†So I’ll have to put that up, along with the one this past Friday. ¬†Won’t be up till Monday. ¬†But I haven’t forgotten about it.

Friday Update

I’ll open the show with Mark Frost’s song ‘Fall Into the Ocean’ about the helicopter crash.¬† Sure many people reading this already listened to it after I put up a link for it, but it’s good to let the radio listeners get to hear it.

Interview with Andrea Wittgens airs tonight.¬† After the editing it runs 35 minutes since we covered a lot of topics.¬† Divided it up into sections, as usual.¬† So I’ll play her CD during the interview.

Andrea is the first Queen’s Alumni I’ve had on the show.¬† She’s from Antigonish, Nova Scotia then came to Queen’s and took French and Music.¬† She then moved to Seattle where she still resides.¬†¬† So we talked about that, then we talked about her music.

Tonight I have that an I’ll play her CD ‘In the Skyline’ in it’s entirety.¬† I have some songs from a previous EP as well I think I’ll play.

Thanks to Brent Maclean for sending me the new CD by The Lever Pulled.¬† I’ve played their music before but it’s nice to have a hard copy of it.¬† Won’t have much time tonight so I’ll play some of it on next week’s show.

Another quick thanks to Kimberly Sinclair for sending me some new discs as well.¬† Ryan Neilson, Remedy and Francis Arsenault.¬† And a couple more on the way.¬† Same story, next week.¬† Kim is a fan of Andrea so I’m sure she won’t mind waiting a week. ūüôā

As for TV tonight.¬† March Madness for sports fans, I should get home to see the end of the 7pm tip off games.¬† They’ll end around 9:30pm.

Which means I’ll take a break and watch Out There with Melissa DiMarco on CITY-TV at 10pm.¬† Last week the episode on poker was fun.¬† I thought an actor was playing an editor on the show.¬† Found last night on a message board that he really is an editor who works on the show and plays poker.¬† Who knew?

Basketball games go late into the night, past midnight.¬† So if you’re a fan of Letterman or Craig Ferguson you’ll have to stay up later than usual.¬† Craig’s a rerun, Dave was new last night but I missed it.

I’ll upload the radio show on Saturday.¬† Might get it tonight but I’m not counting on it with the sports going late tonight.¬† So the link will be up tomorrow.

That’s it for now.¬† As a reminder for new readers, show starts 6pm EST tonight.¬† 101.9FM in Kingston or http://www.cfrc.ca for the vast majority of readers outside of K-Town.