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Long Friday Update

Busy week so not a lot of posts here.  But a brand new show tonight at 6pm EST.  Have a brand new CD from Andrew Hunter & The Gatherers, a 3 piece rock band from Halifax.

I think I’ll also go find some Matt Mays and El Torpedo to play.  Since as of this week they are “no more”.  Two band members had left recently and Matt decided to dissolve the band.  Matt and his new ‘unnamed’ backing band are playing concerts this summer.  Hitting Ontario in June and even Alberta in July.  So he’s still busy.

And I’ll grab some Blues music from out east.  The CRTC follow-up hearing with DawgFM and other possible stations in Ottawa is next Friday.  We’ll cross our fingers that Canada gets it’s first All Blues station.


Remember they have the 24/7 Canadian Blues stream online.  Listening to that right now.  Great stuff.

For something different, a link to a new music video.  From In Flight Safety, who I’ve played a few times on the show.  It’s for the song ‘Model Homes’.


Remember music videos?  Ahhh, the good ole days of Much Music before it became a wasteland.

These days at least with computers it’s easy for anyone to be a video editor.  A fan of the band did his own video for the song ‘Big White Elephant’.  Put the song to time lapse footage of Vancouver.  Works quite well.  Why Vancouver when the band is from the East Coast?  I guess we’d have to ask the fan who put it on YouTube.


Talking about Vancouver.  Congrats to fellow blogger Bart Given from ‘Inside the Majors’ on his family’s move to Vancouver.  Bart, Jody, their son Brady and the dog Fenway are all on the West Coast now.

Where this week the temperatures are in the 30’s!  This is backwards, we’re still awaiting summer to kick off here in Kingston.

Jody is going to be part of Shore 104 FM in Vancouver.  They’re in testing stage for the month of June but you can listen to the online stream right now. I enjoy listening to stations from all over the place.


They have a nice mix of stuff from what I’ve heard.  Their playlist is much deeper than the usual commercial radio station.    If you listen to my show you’re used to that, I play anything from any CD.  But that’s rare at most stations.

Check out Bart’s blog too, it’s had a redesign.  He’s had more contributors helping out and needed to change things up to make it less crowded.  Looks nice.


Finally, update on Allison Crowe.  First a column on what’s been going on in the UK from The Observer/Guardian.


Mentions Allison.  And even has a reference to the Brits, the Cossacks and the USSR.  A chance to do that will not happen again.

Another article on what’s been going on in England.


This last one is a more specific column on her from The Scotsman.  And talks about a motion being passed in the Scottish Parliament because of what happened to them.


Adrian sent me a copy of the motion that was filed in the Scottish Parliament after the insane problems in England.

S3M-04279 Rob Gibson (Highlands and Islands) (Scottish National Party): Overseas Performers Don’t Deserve Terrorist Treatment

—  That the Parliament notes with grave concern the ramifications of the Home Office’s new immigration controls on non-EU artists who require a sponsor to allow them to enter the United Kingdom, as highlighted by the treatment of Canadian singer Allison Crowe and several band members who were held for 11 hours in Gatwick Airport before being barred from entering the UK to tour and visit friends in the north west Highlands; considers that Ms Crowe was treated as little better than a terrorist after enduring an 11-hour ordeal where she was locked up, questioned, had her fingerprints taken, her passport stamped “barred from entry” and was then deported; contends that this is no way to treat a legitimate and repeat visitor to the UK; urges the Home Office to rethink this draconian policy before it harms cultural links to Scotland and the wider UK; notes that Ms Crowe is allowed to perform in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic and will do so; furthermore notes the German authorities’ reported reaction to the situation that they were horrified at the British treatment and that Allison would be welcomed to perform in Germany, and asserts that visitors to Scotland during the Year of Homecoming deserve a civilised and warm welcome.

Adrian had a good point, “Who’s the last Canadian musician to have her own motion in Parliament in a foreign country. I don’t know of any!”

Not something that would come up very often. 🙂

I think that’s a long enough post to make up for a quiet week. LOL.

Blues Support in Halifax/Friday Night

Focused on keeping track of DawgFM in Ottawa I forgot to post about an application the same group has for a station in Halifax. Oops.  Deadline is today for support, but you can do one through email for those in Nova Scotia or any Blues fans out east.  Makes more sense targeting people reading this out east than Ontario.  🙂


“The deadline for support for our Halifax FM radio application is today. please send a letter of support to the CRTC by going to http://www.bluesincanada.com and click on the Support Halifax DAWG.”

Sorry for the late notice but any support is a good thing.

Today’s post got a lot of views for some reason, just one of those days I guess.  People must’ve been on Twitter when I put up a link.  Mid-afternoon is a good time to get people’s attention on there I find.

95% sure I’ll be 2 hours as usual on Friday Night.  I’d say a usual show but I might have a surprise guest on the phone this week.  With time constraints I might have to do it LIVE.  That will be different.  Any mistakes they’re going out over the air, no “Take 2”.

Sunday Update/Free Audio

For those with XM satellite radio, fellow blogger Bart Given is on MLB Live Weekend today.  As of now he’ll be on around 5:30pm on channel XM 175.  Times have changed in the last 24 hours.  I was included in an update since I found something people here might like to check out.


UPDATE #1:  The time slot has changed to 6:30 p.m. ET

UPDATE #2:  Rob C. has found a free trial for XM on their site.  Sign-up and listen on your computer (not just to me…)

UPDATE #3:  Bumped for James Shields, now on at 5:30 p.m.  Just tune in for the whole show!  (This never happened when I actually worked for a team…oh the life of a blogger)

Usually when you see these “free trials” it’s always with a credit card number.  Which I’ll never do.  But XM Radio only needs an email address.  That’s it.


Now it does say “7 Day Trial”, but I tried this trial last night and it says it will expire on March 31st.  Might be something to do with the end of the month messing up their system but as you can figure out, that’s not close to 7 days.  Nothing free comes without a hitch I suppose. LOL.

But it is free and I am listening to XM right now.  So if you’re looking for something new to listen to for a few days for free you can try it out.  Why not?  It’s the weekend.  Time to do stuff like this.

Music channels are pretty good.  One is Bruce Springsteen 24/7.  Only one all Blues station, by the way I have a Blues link to give out too.

The 80’s channel right now is playing an episode of Casey Kasem’s Top 40 from March 29th, 1986.  That’s a neat idea.  Dire Straits playing right now. Maybe they’ll mention what episode of Miami Vice was on that week. 🙂

Anyway Bart will be on MLB Home Plate this afternoon so if you have XM Radio or have the free trial you can give a listen.

As for audio that’s free with no expiry date here is DawgFM’s website.


They now have the internet stream up and running.  Nothing but all Canadian Blues music.  Click on the link and there you go.  Either way some free audio to enjoy on a Sunday.

Thanks again to those listeners/readers who sent letters of support for DawgFM.  The CRTC hearing is this Tuesday. Good luck to the gang heading to Ottawa.

Was talking to Tyler King after Offsides on Friday at CFRC.  Mentioned DawgFM and he logically thought there had been a blues station in Canada before.  Nope.  We know how popular ‘The Blues Project’ is on the station.  That’s on 6-8pm on Saturdays.  Very good show for those who haven’t tuned in before.

Off I go to listen to some music online.  Enjoy what’s left of the weekend.