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Blues in Ottawa Wins

Nice surprise as I surf after work this morning.  Blues music in Ottawa won at the CRTC.  Dawg FM is going forward.  I’d give more details but have you ever tried to read one of these decisions?


I’ll give a further update once someone has translated that into an easy to read article. 🙂

Glad to see a Blues station finally getting off the ground in Canada.  Especially in the city where Bluesfest is.  One summer I saw Taj Mahal, Keb Mo, Al Green and Buddy Guy among others.

Listening to Shore 104 right now out of Vancouver.  A station that’s trying something different than other stations across the country.  What a novel concept?  Not doing the same old, same old.

Off to bed, since I work midnights.  Tomorrow a further Dawg FM update and another part of my chat with Toni Marie.  About covering weather and a fun story about when the Junos were held in St. John’s.  Shows how she’s nicer and more grounded than some big city reporters . 🙂

Sunday Potpourri

Delay with Friday’s episodes being put up.  Busy weekend with the funding drive, Queen’s hockey and I did a phone interview with Sora.

Will take a few days for all the totals to come in for the funding drive.  Hopeful of hitting the goal of $18,000 but it might be tight.  Thanks to everyone who gave, not the best time to be asking for money for sure.  Economy not so good, and right after the holiday bills came in.

Queen’s won the Carr-Harris Cup this year over RMC, 1-0.  Yes, only 1 goal was scored and that was in the 3rd period.  Usually they’re a high scoring game but not this year.

Interview I did with Sora will air on Feb. 20th.  This Friday the show is an hour due to the last hockey game of the regualar season.  So I thought I’d wait for a week where I have the full 2 hours.  So I can air the entire interview and her music.  Interview went really well, and we talked for 20 minutes after I stopped taping. 🙂

Finally the deadline for the latest letters of support for DawgFM is Thursday Feb. 12th.  Just go back to the previous blog post for details on that.


The Facebook group for the station just passed 1000 members.  A good sign.

I had a coffee with Ed Torres from DawgFM a few days ago.  He was traveling by Kingston on a trip from Ottawa on Thursday.  Ed’s hopeful things will turn out well and thanked me for the help I’ve done on air.  Had quite a few letters from the Kingston area so I’ll take credit for that. LOL.

Facebook group popularity is ahead of what he thought it would be so that’s a good sign.  Mentioned getting letters of support all across Canada and from Blues Societies across the country.  And not just the major centres.  Kingston has one, Guelph too.  The Facebook page had a fan from Toronto wanting to know if they will have an online stream so he could listen at work.  Which they would. Blues fans are dedicated.

Friday’s show will be up by tomorrow.  I’ll put up a post once they’re up.

Lots of Blues

Happy New Year to everyone, still tired from the holidays.  Even though I stayed in for New Year’s.

Tonight’s show has a lot of Blues music.  Going to do an all-blues first hour in support of DawgFM in Ottawa.  Thinking ahead since then I can re-use that hour in a podcast episode too.

Might go grab one of those Ryan’s Fancy records to play a bit of in Hour 2.

Helping DAWG FM

Time to help out a radio station in Ottawa, or a future station.  If you’ve heard the show you know I’m a blues fan.  Even filled in on The Blues Project on CFRC from time to time.  Was glad to hear my old stomping grounds of Ottawa was going to have Canada’s first All Blues station.

But now it might not happen.  Mentioned it during the radio show but here are the details.  I didn’t even know till I contacted Ed Torres from DAWG FM that he listens to Salt Water Music.  All the more reason for me to try and help. 🙂

Canada’s first ALL BLUES radio station is in Jeopardy!!


On November 21 the Conservative Cabinet sent our licence back to the CRTC for reconsideration and hearing. The Government decided that the decision derogated from the Broadcast Act.

The decision was appealed by a group that was applying for a French-language community station at the same hearing. The CRTC decided that our application was more in the public’s best interest than was their application.

Now the government has stepped in.

DEROGATE!!!!! we only committed to exposing hundreds of Canadian Blues Artists that get airplay in the U.S. but not in Canada.

We committed to give 3 quarters of a million dollars to Canadian Content Development including creating a Blues music series at Canadian Music Week, supporting the Ottawa Blues Society and the Blues in Schools programs that gives kids that can’t afford instruments a chance to play music.

Not to mention we were going to employ 20 people in Ottawa and spend over 1 million dollars in our first year of operations in the local economy.

We committed to play 40% Canadian content 5% more than any other station in Ottawa currently plays. But it’s easy to target the only stand alone independent radio station in Ottawa.

So we need your help. We need your support, we need the support of your friends and anyone else that loves Blues music and justice.

DAWG FM’s Facebook Group


1. Send us your email support via facebook
2. Send the Minister of Heritage a letter supporting our licence his email: Moore.J@parl.gc.ca
3. Send the same letter to the CRTC http://www.crtc.gc.ca/RapidsCCM/Register.asp?lang=E
under complaints
4. Send the same letter to Minister for Industry   Minister.Industry@ic.gc.ca
5.Send us the same letter via facebook
6.Send it to your local politicians or anyone that will listen
7.Get all of your friends to join this group

Thanks for all of your support, together we can come through this…..keep the faith