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Fergus O’Byrne Show

Little after 11pm but got the show uploaded.



Show starts off with some Teresa Ennis as I got settled in.  Mentioned Alan Doyle and Gordon Pinsent being in the new Robin Hood movie.  Quick reminder of Out There with Melissa DiMarco airing tonight.

Then the interview with Fergus O’Byrne.  First hour also has music from Jim Payne/Fergus O’Byrne and Ryan’s Fancy.

Second hour starts off with the Dardanelles then conclude the interview with Fergus. This hour contains the part where we talked about Tacks Beach. 🙂

Played Fergus’ musical works for the rest of the program.  I end the show with an entire side of the last album from Ryan’s Fancy in 1982.  I chose the second side since that marked the end of their recordings.  And the albums were never released on CD so it’s rare to hear them on the radio.  Here is the fan site for the band.  Lots of good information.


But there is a place you can get a CD. This one is of recordings from their CBC TV shows.  Of the fifteen re-mastered tracks, thirteen songs have never previously been available.  I’ll have to get my hands on this one.


And here is the website for Sing Song Inc. where you can get Fergus’ work with Jim Payne along with many other artists.


Thanks to Fergus O’Byrne for doing the interview.  And to Toni Marie for really being the reason for it in the first place.  I mentioned how it happened in a previous blog but wanted to save that story for a different episode of the radio show.

By the way had a bad headache during the first hour.  Really glad this week that I don’t script my show a lot. LOL.

Thanks to Jennie in Cape Breton and Julie in Australia for sending me messages during the show.  Yes, during the show.  Pretty cool.