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Schooners, Manatees and a Posse

Glad to find the Atlantic Schooners group got to the Grey Cup this year after a 1 year absence.  Found out about them a year ago or so.

Quick history lesson.  Atlantic Canada did get a CFL expansion team, once upon a time.  Halifax was awarded a franchise in 1984.  When cell phones were the size of a shoe box.

Years before the failed US expansion which didn’t make sense then and still doesn’t.  If you’re going to expand to the US, go to states near the border.  Baltimore worked out.  But picking places like Sacramento and Memphis was head scratching.

Team didn’t start up because financing couldn’t be found for a new stadium in Halifax.  You’d think between 1984 and today the league would look at the east coast instead of Ottawa, again.

In case you’re wondering if that’s the only CFL team to fold before they began, you forget the Miami Manatees.  Don’t laugh that was a real name.

The Las Vegas Posse had ceased operations and a group from Miami wanted to start it up again.  One of the stranger ideas since the team’s players had already been dispersed in a draft a year earlier.  Then what were they buying exactly? Not sure but the price was less than an expansion team.  Go figure.

The Miami story has one link to this Sunday’s Grey Cup.  Starting QB for the Las Vegas Posse was Anthony Cavillo.  The Posse was his first CFL team.

You can use that trivia at a Grey Cup party if you like.

Back to the Schooners, they have some places on the web to keep track of them this Grey Cup weekend.  And more information in general.




One of the “urban legends” of the team I had heard before.  Story goes the owner in preparing for the expansion team bought the old scoreboard from Foxboro Stadium.  It would’ve been used in the new stadium.  That never was built so the legend is that scoreboard still sits in a warehouse in the Halifax/Dartmouth area.

The other one is that the owner had also bought turf for the new facility.  He didn’t keep that.  Rumour is he dumped the turf into the Atlantic Ocean….. OK then.

Can we believe these stories? They’re not any stranger than before the playoffs the league saying it wanted to reduce the amount of Canadians on each team.  Nice timing on that guys.

“It’s OUR League”, except for the East Coast and the fact we want less Canucks on the teams….. other than that it’s Canada all the way.

They are having a regular season game in Moncton next year which is a good step in the right direction.  If they can take their eyes off the Ottawa obsession.

I lived in Ottawa for 3 years [1998-2001] when there was no CFL team.  I honestly cannot remember anyone complaining about not having a team. The previous ownership was a big reason for that. Went to high school in Pembroke and the Red Riders were covered more for their wacky owners than any on the field success.

Less said about the Renegades the better.  Any franchise that had to be taken over by the Gliebermans deserved to be eliminated. [I won’t go into those guys, it would take too long.]

Back to present day.  Usually I watch some of the Grey Cup, but after the long day with the Vanier Cup broadcast and work I’ll have to skip it this year.  Might catch the tail end.

Week 1 Picks

Let’s hope the games you watch on Sunday isn’t as bad as the Queen’s game was on Saturday. 8-7 win for the Golden Gaels over McMaster. That’s more like a baseball score than a football one.

Picked Steelers to win on Thursday so got one right. I did the Week 1 picks on the show, going by memory since I just brought up the schedule and picked them on the fly. It’s Week 1 though and it’s a hard week to get right no matter what. Which teams are good, bad or average? Don’t know yet.

Starting off with the 1pm games.

Miami at Atlanta [CBS]: Both teams had easier schedules last year so they’ll have a tougher time in 2009. Plus the Falcons have never had back to back winning seasons. But this week I’ll pick them to beat the Dolphins.

Kansas City at Baltimore [CBS]: Baltimore, this is a big mismatch.

Philadelphia at Carolina [FOX]: Philly. Do you remember how badly Carolina played against Arizona in the playoffs? And they rewarded the QB with a new 5 year contract. Mind boggling.

Denver at Cincinnati [CBS]: Yuck. Have to pick one of them so the Bengals.

Minnesota at Cleveland [FOX]: Vikings. Picked them before I knew who would be starting for the Browns this week. Like that will matter.

NY Jets at Houston [CBS]: Jets. The Texans have a great offense, but can’t stop anyone. That’s a slight problem.

Jacksonville at Indianapolis [CBS]: Colts. Think this is the year where Indy starts to slip a bit. But they’ll beat the Jags. Who have new uniforms…. a new coach would’ve made more sense.

Detroit at New Orleans [FOX]: Saints.

Dallas at Tampa Bay [FOX]: Dallas. Think I picked the Cowboys to win on the radio. Not sold on them but I have no confidence in Tampa. They fired the offensive co-ordinator in the preseason, which make them look they don’t know what they’re doing. Which is the case when you have Leftwich as your starting QB.

Now the 4:15pm kickoffs.

San Francisco at Arizona [FOX]: Cardinals. They’re not getting back to the Superbowl but they can handle the Niners.

Washington at NY Giants [FOX]: Redskins. My team, but picking them because I think the Giants have been overrated this year. Mainly because of the Giant receivers or lack of them. Burress is going to jail and Amani Toomer is with the Chiefs. I would have to search to name the ones they have this season.

St. Louis at Seattle [FOX]: Seahawks. Rams have been bad so an easy pick. Seattle was decimated with injuries last year. Think they can win that division, but that’s not saying much. Arizona needed a 9-7 record to win it in 2008.

Sunday Night, Chicago at Green Bay [NBC]. Packers with a victory since I don’t think the Bears and their new QB have gotten things going yet. Green Bay was scoring left and right in the preseason.

A pair of Monday Night Football games. One time of the year they air a game at a good start time. Other one is for the west coast or night owls like myself.

Buffalo at New England 7pm [TSN]: Patriots. Bills decided to copy Tampa and they also fired the Offensive Co-ordinator in the preseason. Dumb. I’m writing off their season. New England is getting someone named Tom back who might make a difference.

San Diego at Oakland 10:15pm [TSN]: Not many people going to see this one. Chargers with the victory. Raiders have become a joke.
When does the CFL playoffs start? I don’t pay attention till then. Not much point when so many teams make the playoffs. The ads touting it as
“Canada’s Game” are always annoying.

No shots of the East Coast, eh? Oh that’s right you don’t have teams across the country.

Finally there is a story recently that “Moncton finalizing deal for 5 CFL games”. One regular season game a year would be held in town. Small step considering the CFL awarded an expansion team for Halifax in 1984. That’s a story for another time.

They don’t want to expand to a new market but they’re fine with going back to Ottawa again from what it sounds like. Another reason for me to ignore the league till the playoffs.