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May 19th 2007

Few days ago was quietly 5 years after the first episode of the radio show aired on CFRC.  Mentioned it on the show last Friday.  Show began on Saturday nights at 10pm.  The original page for the program was on MySpace where I did blog about the show.  Thought it was time to put the old blog posts on here, for archival reasons.  Never know if MySpace could go under and not warn anyone so then all those posts be lost. And for musicians who I played during the early years who might like to read when I played them.


Didn’t cut and paste them since the file says it is over 250 pages, 3 years of blog posts take up a lot of space.  Forgot how back then when I started it was more frequent updates, but much shorter ones.  And I was better at getting links for each episode and saying who I played every week.  Part of that was starting out and trying to get music for the show.  Told the story before of starting the program at CFRC and the station had 1 Great Big Sea CD.  That’s changed since then.  In fact the first episode consisted almost entirely of music I had burned on one disc at home and brought it.  Thankfully now I have more than enough music to fill a weekly show.

I do have the first post, which seems was made after the 1st episode had aired.  Now I recall the airdate was a surprise, originally it was planned to be the end of May and was asked if I could start a week early.  The MySpace page was barely put up when that first Saturday night happened.

24 May 2007
Week 2

Week 2 of the show coming up, changing it up slightly as I’ll try to play at least TWO songs by the artists I pick in a given show. Little better for the listeners as they can hear more music by each one.

Plus I can spend more time talking about the musicians and where to get their music. Last week I had to rush the last two blues songs since I was running out of time, and I even had a song left over I had no time for. Oops. That would be called “time management”, ha ha.

That was it.  Told you they weren’t long back then.  I was planning on playing a clip from the original episode on Friday, but I’ll have to tape the show this week so I might save it for the live show next week.

Thanks to everyone who has helped out over the years.  Musicians, PR people, industry folk, etc.  That blog post on my ECMA trip will have to wait.  Realized there is no need to rush it so that will pop up eventually over the next month or two.