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Links to all interviews from 2009

Time for a blog entry with all the interviews from 2009.  One of those things where I knew there was a few but once I added them up it got to be a longer list than I though. [Added Allison Crowe which got lost in all the copy and paste I was doing]

Thanks to all those who gave time to be interviewed for the show in 2009. Time to go “Romper Room” and say thanks to Sora, Fergus, Ray, Andrea, Melanie, Tim, Melissa, Bryan, Ian, Toni Marie, Robin, Allison, Neate, Laurie, Gerry and Kirsten.  Whew.  Close to 18 hours of radio here so many weeks worth of listening if you missed some of them.

Sora on her latest CD and her music for this episode.


Fergus O’Byrne from the legendary Newfoundland group Ryan’s Fancy joins the show.



Ray Johnson from Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers before their tour stop in Kingston.


Andrea Wittgens, the first Queen’s graduate to join the show.  Originally from Antigonish, NS and currently living in Seattle.



Melanie Samson a singer/songwriter from Newfoundland who sings in English and French.  And she’s also a schoolteacher and we discuss that and her experience at the ECMA’s.


Tim Baker from Hey Rosetta! in an interview where he was walking around Toronto on a day off on his cellphone.  Put together at the last minute before they came to Kingston last spring but it worked out well.


Melissa DiMarco from Out There before an episode where she visited Nova Scotia.


Bryan Page from Faded Blue on the 2 year anniversary show of the radio show.  Interview was done live during the show as opposed to the usual taped scenario.


Ian Foster joined the program for the 3rd time before his 2009 tour.  This time he drove from Newfoundland to Ontario, then flew to British Columbia for some dates.



Toni-Marie Wiseman from NTV who interviewed me for the Newfoundland Herald and helped get the Fergus O’Byrne interview.  We talk about how she started out in radio and then moved to TV.  Cover a lot of topics including her favorite songs.



Allison Crowe and her music for 2 hours.


Neate Sager on the Queen’s Golden Gaels Vanier Cup run.


Robin Meade from HLN’s Morning Express joined the show during her book tour.  Day we taped it she was doing a book signing that night in her native Ohio.


Two Olympic torchbearers from the Kingston area, Laurie Walker and Rev. Gerry Moore. Then with Kirsten Mihailides from the Coca-Cola side of the Torch relay organizers.


Thanks again to all those who joined the show during 2009.  Going to be hard to top that list of guests in 2010, but I’ll see who I can bring to the airwaves.

Queen’s Hockey tonight at 7:30pm against RMC.  Friday the show will be a bit shorter due to another hockey game at 7:30pm followed by Queen’s Basketball Saturday at 8pm.  Busy week of University sports on the station.


Hectic week with work, taping the interview with Robin and a road football game this week. So I dipped into the archives this week to last March. Episode with an interview I did with Andrea Wittgens and her latest CD in its entirety. Good chat with Andrea so for those who missed it last winter you can check it out tonight. Along with some other music in Hour 2.

This morning after work it was 3 degrees. So I think we might be skipping fall around here. That’s cold for early October.

I did a couple of new voiceover parts, but just saying it’s a rerun and that I’ll be back with a new show next week. Also mention the Robin Meade interview will air next Friday.

Friday’s Show/NFL Week 2

First Friday’s program, taped on Tuesday morning.  If I remember correctly.  Been a long week.


Music of Ron Hynes to open the show. Then Sharona Clarke, Christine Crawford and Jenn Grant.


Three female singers, all with names that start with the letter “A”. Not a plan but it worked out like that.

Andrea Gauster, Allison Crowe and Andrea Wittgens


NFL Week 2 picks, which I again forgot to call by it’s name on the show.  “Carnell Knowledge”.  That happens when you tape a show 7:30am after a long week of work.  This week’s post will be shorter about the picks.

For the 1pm games: Atlanta over Carolina, Minnesota over Detroit, Green Bay over Cincinnati, Jacksonville over Arizona, Chiefs over Raiders, New England over NYJ, New Orleans over Philly, Tenn. over Houston and Washington over St. Louis.

4pm kickoff for these ones. Seattle over San Fran., Tampa over Buffalo, Pittsburgh over Chicago, Denver over Cleveland and Baltimore over San Diego.

Sunday night I went with Cowboys over Giants [I think, I’ve gone back and forth] and Indy over Miami on Monday.

U2/Tonight’s Show

Taped the show earlier in the week, before I went to Toronto to see U2 on Wednesday. Leaving a stadium at 11pm with 62,000 other people? Crowded. I’ll write a post about the trip later on.

Tonight on the [taped] show we have Ron Hynes, Sharona Clarke, Christine Crawford, Andrea Gauster, Allison Crowe & Andrea Wittgens. I mention Andrea Gauster’s show on Wolfe Island tonight. One problem with taping ahead of time is that the show is sold out. D’oh. But she’s living in Kingston now so you’ll have other chances to see her play in the area.

Queen’s Football tomorrow as well. The Golden Gaels travel to Ottawa with a 1pm kickoff. Hopefully another quick game as I get some sleep after the game and before I work Saturday night at 11pm. LOL,

July 31st Show


Open the show with a CD I got that week from Sharona Clarke.

Followed by the latest discs from Andrea Wittgens and Coco Love Alcorn.

End the hour with Scott Macleod and GlamourPuss.


Blues to start off the second hour GlamourPuss and Garrett Mason. Garrett is coming to Kingston as part of the Limestone Blues Festival at the end of August.

After that The Lever Pulled and Ryan Neilson.

End the hour with some folk/bluegrass/celtic with The Dardanelles.

Friday’s Show

Bit later than usual but Friday’s radio show.

From the back up studio for the week as some repairs were going on in the main one.

So some longer sets of music. Hour 1 with Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers, Ron Hynes, The Lever Pulled and Andrea Wittgens.


Hour 2 of a night of long sets continue. New music to the show from Brite Vu. Then some blues from GlamourPuss. End the hour with some Great Big Sea from Fortune’s Favour and end the show with Sora.

This Friday I think we’ll do the 2 year anniversary show.  Does work out to the same time as I started 2 years ago.  Might have a new interview lined up, which would be good timing.  I’ll bring out some old clips and I’ll figure out other stuff during the week.

March 20th Show/Andrea Wittgens

Watched two NCAA games go into Overtime last night, then a bit of soccer today.  But the show is up now.


Open the show with ‘Fall into the Ocean’ by Mark Frost. Written about the recent helicopter crash off the coast of Newfoundland.

Then an interview with Andrea Wittgens, and her CD ‘In the Skyline’ for the rest of the hour.


Rest of the interview with Andrea Wittgens. Music from ‘In The Skyline’ and a couple tracks from her Alibi EP.

End the show with Jenn Grant and Paisley Jura.

Friday Update

I’ll open the show with Mark Frost’s song ‘Fall Into the Ocean’ about the helicopter crash.  Sure many people reading this already listened to it after I put up a link for it, but it’s good to let the radio listeners get to hear it.

Interview with Andrea Wittgens airs tonight.  After the editing it runs 35 minutes since we covered a lot of topics.  Divided it up into sections, as usual.  So I’ll play her CD during the interview.

Andrea is the first Queen’s Alumni I’ve had on the show.  She’s from Antigonish, Nova Scotia then came to Queen’s and took French and Music.  She then moved to Seattle where she still resides.   So we talked about that, then we talked about her music.

Tonight I have that an I’ll play her CD ‘In the Skyline’ in it’s entirety.  I have some songs from a previous EP as well I think I’ll play.

Thanks to Brent Maclean for sending me the new CD by The Lever Pulled.  I’ve played their music before but it’s nice to have a hard copy of it.  Won’t have much time tonight so I’ll play some of it on next week’s show.

Another quick thanks to Kimberly Sinclair for sending me some new discs as well.  Ryan Neilson, Remedy and Francis Arsenault.  And a couple more on the way.  Same story, next week.  Kim is a fan of Andrea so I’m sure she won’t mind waiting a week. 🙂

As for TV tonight.  March Madness for sports fans, I should get home to see the end of the 7pm tip off games.  They’ll end around 9:30pm.

Which means I’ll take a break and watch Out There with Melissa DiMarco on CITY-TV at 10pm.  Last week the episode on poker was fun.  I thought an actor was playing an editor on the show.  Found last night on a message board that he really is an editor who works on the show and plays poker.  Who knew?

Basketball games go late into the night, past midnight.  So if you’re a fan of Letterman or Craig Ferguson you’ll have to stay up later than usual.  Craig’s a rerun, Dave was new last night but I missed it.

I’ll upload the radio show on Saturday.  Might get it tonight but I’m not counting on it with the sports going late tonight.  So the link will be up tomorrow.

That’s it for now.  As a reminder for new readers, show starts 6pm EST tonight.  101.9FM in Kingston or http://www.cfrc.ca for the vast majority of readers outside of K-Town.

Andrea Wittgens Interview Friday

Finishing up the editing of the Andrea Wittgens interview for tomorrow night.  Had it divided up into sections already, just doing the usual nip and tuck the day before.  I’ll put up the longer version of the interview in a podcast.  Want to make sure I get through the whole CD on the radio.

Here are some of Andrea’s pages.  MySpace has 6 songs up right now, 4 from In The Skyline and 2 from her Alibi EP.




Tonight, lots of music

#Update, show will be uploaded on Saturday night.  Bit later than usual.

Tonight quick interview with Ray Johnson with Buddy Wasisname as they are starting a new tour. Hit Kingston May 5th at the Grand Theatre. And some music from the band.

Also music of Sharona Clarke, Justin Merdsoy, Allison Crowe, Christine Crawford, Ryan Neilson, Francis Arsenault, Remedy and Kelli Trottier. Can I cram all of that into 2 hours? Tune in and find out. 🙂

And after the show I’m conducting another interview, this time with Melanie Samson. Next Friday I’ll play the interview with Andrea Wittgens and her CD in it’s entirety. Spoke to Andrea over 40 minutes so I have a lot of content to work with.

Sunday Potpourri

I did remember to change the clocks last night. Bit tired today. Since I stayed up like I usually do on a Saturday night and ignored the time change.

So it looks like Junior Hockey is back in St. John’s. Good timing with me putting up the episode from a year ago on Archive.org with Krissy Holmes. We talked about the Fog Devils leaving. Appears a 5 year deal is in place for the team from Bathurst, NB in the QMJHL to move to St. John’s. So one town from the East Coast loses a hockey team to another town in Atlantic Canada.

Did read a short post on TheScope.ca which might sum up people’s feelings.

“Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Einstein obviously doesn’t work at St. John’s Sports & Entertainment Ltd.”

Back to the radio show. Friday I’ll air a short interview I did with Ray Johnson of ‘Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers’. They’re coming to Kingston in May for a concert so I got to talk to Ray. Would’ve had more time but we had a mix up.

The number I had in the email was Ray’s fax line instead of his phone number. So I kept calling with no answer. He phoned me back a bit later and we figure out the mistake. LOL. By that time it was past 10:30pm in Newfoundland so we talked for about 10-15 minutes.

I also have the interview with Andrea Wittgens from last Friday. I’ll air that probably the week after. I’ll play all of her CD during that show. Andrea is from Antigonish, NS and went to Queen’s here in Kingston. She lives in Seattle now. So we covered a lot of ground.

Sunday ECMA Update

edit: “Smothered In Hugs”, thanks to Kell for pointing that out.  Smothered by Hugs was close but not right. 🙂

ECMA Radio back up with musicians dropping by this morning, well technically afternoon now in Corner Brook.  Got up and heard the end of a set from The Olympic Symphonium.  And The Abrams Brothers just finished.

I thought I heard that wrong.   The guys from Kingston are at the ECMA’s?  Yes, and they performed on The Discovery Stage Saturday.  Their family is from the East Coast, 5 generations back apparently.  Learned something new.  I recorded their entire 30 minutes on the radio so I can use that for a future show.  Going to have a back log of audio by tonight.

Last night heard a good mix.  The following acts stopped by the little station. Stone Richards and the Devil Folk, Paisley Jura, West Moon, Smothered In Hugs, Catcher and Sharona Clark.  Recorded a bit of each them being interviewed which should work well when I play their music on the show.  Which might be April with everything I have going on.

Next week the interview with Fergus O’Byrne, and his music for the entire show.  Another interview is done with Ray Johnson of Buddy Wasisname.  This past Friday I spoke to Andrea Wittgens, singer/songwriter from Antigonish, NS who lives in Seattle.  She’s the first Queen’s alumni I’ve interviewed on the show.  Brought back some university memories for her.  Like a lot of Queen’s students she recalls “Alfie’s”. 🙂

ECMA weekend is winding down, with the awards tonight at 7pm EST/8:30pm NT.  You can only catch it live online or on CBC Bold.  Tape delayed for everyone else who has regular CBC.  Which is pretty much everyone.

Bad timing with the CBC funding shortfall story last week.  CBC want more government money but they can’t be bothered to air the ECMA’s live.  Hmmm.  Tape delayed till 11pm on a Sunday.  This means people on the West Coast won’t see the awards till 7 hours after it would’ve aired live.  That long in this day in age is crazy.

And what great Canadian programming is on CBC TV tonight instead?  Wait for it….

“The Devil Wears Prada”…… oh I wish I was kidding.  Our tax money at work.

This rant is against CBC TV.  CBC Radio has done a great job promoting the ECMA’s.  Heard Performance Hour yesterday, and the local CBC affiliates in Newfoundland have done a bang up job.  Even CBC.ca is doing it’s best with showing it live on the web, and on demand afterwards.

But when TV is showing The Devil Wears Prada instead of promoting Canadian music you know something is messed up.  TV is where most people’s view of the CBC comes from.  Showing that instead of the ECMA’s doesn’t make any sense if it is a “public broadcaster”.

Jan. 9th Show


Mix of music this week. RA Lautenschlager, Greg Keelor performing with Cuff The Duke, Chillin Room and Maddison Avenue.


Local music of Craig McIntyre. Got a request from an online listener in Hawaii for a song by Green Light Go, a band from Honolulu. Finish off the show with music of Andrea Wittgens, Kevin Collins and Allison Crowe.

Boxing Day Hour 1


Start of the live Boxing Day edition. Andrea Wittgens who was stuck at the Newark Airport for three days trying to travel to Nova Scotia. That deserves some airplay of her CD. Then some Bruce Cockburn, two of his more well known songs and two from his Christmas Album. Christmas songs are in different languages, Spanish and Iroquois. End the hour with Kenny Butler.

Podcast Episode 13


Read about National Podcast Post Month or ‘Napodpomo’ which is an idea of having people podcast every day for the month of November.  So I’m doing something similar.  Recording every day, but not uploading.  Or else you might have a 2 minute podcast which seems a bit silly.  Instead a 43 minute podcast with some songs as well.

Beginning was recorded at the station and the rest at home. You can obviously hear the difference but a heads up.

First up I have 3 songs by Allison Crowe.  Her covers of Let it Be, Imagine and In My Life.


Allison is playing a bunch of dates in November and December.  Closest to Kingston is Toronto on Friday, November 28th.  And an afternoon show in Ottawa on Sunday, November 30th.  Check the tour part of Allison’s page for details.  She’s also hitting Philadelphia, Massachusetts, New York City and 5 dates in British Columbia.


Also play some music from Andrea Wittgens.  She has a new CD coming out soon called “In The Skyline”.  These three tracks are from her last album. Alibi was just an Afterthough, Did You Go Too Far and Aquarium.  Going to do an interview with Andrea soon, we’re just waiting for the CD to be available for purchase online.  Good to get all the things in order so you can check out her music after I talk to her.

With grabbing a bunch of different audio files for this episode I’ll cross my fingers there wasn’t too many mistakes.  I even forgot a couple of things I talked about until I put it together.  So another episode or two this month, whenever I have enough for a good length.