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Friday’s Show/NFL Week 2

First Friday’s program, taped on Tuesday morning.  If I remember correctly.  Been a long week.


Music of Ron Hynes to open the show. Then Sharona Clarke, Christine Crawford and Jenn Grant.


Three female singers, all with names that start with the letter “A”. Not a plan but it worked out like that.

Andrea Gauster, Allison Crowe and Andrea Wittgens


NFL Week 2 picks, which I again forgot to call by it’s name on the show.  “Carnell Knowledge”.  That happens when you tape a show 7:30am after a long week of work.  This week’s post will be shorter about the picks.

For the 1pm games: Atlanta over Carolina, Minnesota over Detroit, Green Bay over Cincinnati, Jacksonville over Arizona, Chiefs over Raiders, New England over NYJ, New Orleans over Philly, Tenn. over Houston and Washington over St. Louis.

4pm kickoff for these ones. Seattle over San Fran., Tampa over Buffalo, Pittsburgh over Chicago, Denver over Cleveland and Baltimore over San Diego.

Sunday night I went with Cowboys over Giants [I think, I’ve gone back and forth] and Indy over Miami on Monday.

U2/Tonight’s Show

Taped the show earlier in the week, before I went to Toronto to see U2 on Wednesday. Leaving a stadium at 11pm with 62,000 other people? Crowded. I’ll write a post about the trip later on.

Tonight on the [taped] show we have Ron Hynes, Sharona Clarke, Christine Crawford, Andrea Gauster, Allison Crowe & Andrea Wittgens. I mention Andrea Gauster’s show on Wolfe Island tonight. One problem with taping ahead of time is that the show is sold out. D’oh. But she’s living in Kingston now so you’ll have other chances to see her play in the area.

Queen’s Football tomorrow as well. The Golden Gaels travel to Ottawa with a 1pm kickoff. Hopefully another quick game as I get some sleep after the game and before I work Saturday night at 11pm. LOL,

Link to Friday’s Show, on Thursday

What you can do when you tape an episode a day in advance.


Brand new music from a singer who is soon to be a Kingstonian, Andrea Gauster. She starts at the Queen’s Medical School. Found her through Twitter. Open up the show with some songs from Andrea, including one about Twitter.

Then a new band to the show, Shores of Newfoundland. Based in Kingston but currently on tour in Newfoundland. Music from their 1999 disc and a live one they recorded here in Kingston at the Tir Nan Og.

End with the hour with one song from Allison Crowe. Taped this week’s show ahead of time and saw I had 8 minutes to fill up till top of the hour. So I know her song Disease is a little over 8 minutes.


Start off the hour with a singer you might have heard of from Nova Scotia, Sarah Mclachlan. After the show found the list I had made up last year of all the artists I’ve played on the show. Sarah wasn’t on there. 2 years of the show and not playing her once? My bad.

To make up for it a few songs from her debut album from 1988 and on vinyl to boot. Couldn’t find any of her CD’s at the station but luckily in the record collection they had the original 1988 album. A collector’s item I found out since it was re-released in 1989 with some extra songs when she was also signed by a US record label. One song you might have heard before, the other 3 I bet you haven’t.

Follow that up with a cover version of Angel by Allison Crowe.

Then some songs from Great Big Sea’s Fortune Favour and Joel Plaskett’s Three to end the show.

New Music on Friday

Taping Friday’s show on Thursday morning.  New music to the show.  First up Andrea Gauster, not from the East Coast but she will be a new Kingston resident at Queen’s Medical school in September.  About a 5 minute walk from CFRC.  She found my page on Twitter, so if you have wondered yes Twitter does help me find music.



She just uploaded a new song on YouTube about Twitter.  Lot of inside references but a good tune even if you don’t get what she’s talking about.


Also a new band to the show, Shores of Newfoundland.  One member from Newfoundland and three from Ontario.  Saw in the paper they have a new CD.  By time I emailed them they had just left for a 7 week tour of Newfoundland.  So I’m sure I’ll get a response when they get back.  That’s a long tour.


Have 2 older CD’s at the station.  One a studio album other a 2 disc live set.  Recorded here in Kingston at the Tir Nan Og.  A sponsor of the live Queen’s sports broadcasts last season.  I played that ad so many times during games.  Memorized every second of it. 🙂

Since it will be taped, I might be able to upload it online before it airs on the radio.  If not I’ll at least give the line up for the show tomorrow on here.