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3rd Anniversary Show Tonight

Tonight the 3 year anniversary of the show. Plan is to play a lot of different artists and CD’s over the course of the 2 hours. Realized I’ve done so many interviews it is hard to pick and choose clips. Also it is the May 24/Victoria Day long weekend so a better time to play a lot of music. Thanks to everyone who has helped out over the course of the 3 years. All the musicians who I’ve come in contact with. Managers/publicists who have sent me CD’s as well. CFRC of course since they approved the show in 2007.

I’ll write a long post on the weekend with links to the episode itself. Original plan for the program was for it to last the summer months and go from there. As of today I have played 250 different Canadian artists. Kept a list compiled which I updated every few months. Here it is. A few are from other parts of the country which came to my attention for various reasons [concerts, musician recommendations] and I felt like including them on the show. All Canadian though and that’s the main goal of the show. Spread the word of Canadian music that doesn’t get much radio play in Ontario.

Here goes the long list. I’d include websites, however you can guess I’d be here for an hour or more doing that. I’ll do that for a later post since that’s almost it’s own project. If I missed anyone or got a spelling wrong just point it out to me in the comments or by email.

Abby Pond
Air Traffic Control
All of Green
Allison Crowe
Amelia Curran
Andrea Gauster
Andrea Simms-Karp
Andrea Wittgens
Andrew Hunter and the Gatherers
Andrew LeDrew
Ann Vriend
Anna Egge
Anna Wheeler
Ashley MacIssac
Barra MacNeils
Barry Dewling
Beacon Point
Blue Rodeo
Bluegrass Diamonds
Bored on Sunday
Boy Ill
Brite Vu
Brothers in Stereo
Bruce Cockburn
Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellas
Carmen Townshend
Carter Chaplin
Catherine MacLellan
Celtic Connection
Charlie A’Court
Chelsea Parsons
Chillin Room
Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew
Chris Kirby
Chris Picco
Chrissy Crowley
Christa Borden
Christine Crawford
Christine Donovan
Clarence Mason
Cliffy Short
Coco Love Alcorn
Cody Allen
Colleen Power
Collette Cheverie
Corey Isoner
Craig McIntyre
Crowdis Bridge
Cynthia Macleod
Damhnait Doyle
Dan Currie
Dana Parsons
Denielle Hann
Don Brownrigg
Down with the Butterfly
Duane Andrews
Eileen Joyce
Elyssa Mahoney
Emmy Alcorn
English Words
Ennis Sisters
Erin Costelo
Faded Blue
Fergus O’Byrne
Figgy Duff
Frank Trainor
Garrett Mason
Gene Pawlett
Glitter Cinnamon
Grand Sass Parilla
Grand Theft Bus
Great Big Sea
Green Light Go
Greg Keelor
Gulliver’s Spree
Haunted Hearts
Hey Rosetta
Holly Cole
Holly Larocque
Hot Toddy
Hugh Hall
Ian Foster
Ian Sherwood
In Flight Safety
J.P. Cormier
Jacobus et Maleco
James Phillips
Jeff Healey
Jenn Grant
Jennie Pardy
Jenny Gear
Jessica Rhaye
Jill Barber
Jill Porter
Jim Forward
Jim Payne
Jimmy Rankin
Joe Belly and the Sin City Ramblers
Joel Plaskett
John Campbelljohn
John Connolly
John Jerome and the Great 88
John Macpherson
Johnny Burke
Johnston and Lear
Jon McKiel
Justin Fancy
Justin Merdsoy
Keith Hallett
Kelly Sloan
Kendra Gale
Kenny Butler
Kev Corbett
Kevin Chase
Kevin Collins
Kim Stockwood
King Nancy
Kyra and Tully
Lazy Bones
Leanne Kean
Lee Fitz
Lennie Gallant
Leonard Cohen
Les Lahey
Les Paiens
Lisa Birt
Maddison Avenue
Madison Violet
Mark Bragg
Mark Haines/Tom Leighton
Mary Jane Lamond
Mary Stewart
Matchstick Mike
Matt Anderson
Matt Mays and El Torpedo
Max Murphy
Meghan Blanchard
Meghan Smith
Melanie Ross
Melanie Samson
Melissa Hunt
Michael Brennan
Michael Carey
Michael Lake
Mike Plume Band
Mike Richey
Mike Stevens
Milks and Rectangles
Molly Thomason
Natalie MacMaster
Nathan Condon
Nathan Wiley
Neil Conway
Neil Dobson and the Fabulous Hats
Norma Macdonald
Owen Steel
Pat Deighan
Pat Lepoidevin
Patrick Boyle
Patrick Molloy
Queen’s Maid
RA Lautenschlager
Racoon Bandit
Randy Bachman + the New Guitar Summit
Rankin Family
Rattlesnakin Daddies
Rawlins Cross
Rita MacNeil
Ron Hynes
Ron Leary
Rose Cousins
Ross Neilson
Ruth Minnikin
Ryan Neilson
Ryan’s Fancy
Sam Ryan
Sarah Mclachlan
Scott Macleod
Sean Kemp Band
Sharona Clarke
Shawn Lidster
Sherry Ryan
Shores of Newfoundland
Slainte Mhate
Slate Pacific
Smokin Joe Wiseman
Solid Gold Workout
Steven Bowers
Tamara Nile
Tara MacLean
Teresa Ennis
Terry Whalen Band
The Angelshakes
The Band
The Barra MacNeils
The Blue Monday Band
The Carouslers
The Cashmere Disciples
The Contingencies
The Cottars
The Danks
The Dardanelles
The Divorcees
The Domestics
The Fables
The Human Soundtrack
The Idlers
The Irish Descendants
The Irish Rovers
The Kestrels
The Kremlin
The Lever Pulled
The Masterless Men
The Mountains and The Trees
The Novaks
The Olympic Symphonium
The Otherwise Called
The Reaction
The Subtitles
Tim Aylesworth
Tim Chiasson and Morning Fold
Timothy Chiasson [solo CD/fiddling music]
Todd Scott
Torres Band Duo
Tracy Starr
Trailer Camp
Trish Kerr
Under Pressure Music
Virginia Fudge
Your Favorite Enemies

Told you it was a long list. Check out the show live on 101.9FM in Kingston or at http://www.cfrc.ca