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Link to 2 Year Anniversary Show

Link to the anniversary show from Friday night.  Which might not have been heard by as many outside of Kingston as usual.  My Mom had problems listening online, and she’s in Kingston!  Just tried it right now and it says the stream is “unavailable”.  iTunes, Windows Media Player and Winamp.  None of them worked.  Damn.

So some bad timing for the big show on Friday night.  But here it is for those who missed it.  Which might be a lot of you. 🙂


2 year anniversary show starts off with Faded Blue. And the first ever LIVE interview with Bryan from Faded Blue.

Also have music of Ian Foster for the rest of Hour 1. Since I’ve interviewed Ian twice since the show started and saw him in Toronto last summer.


Start off the hour with the start of Episode 1 from 2 years earlier.  With the first two songs I ever played on the show, by Great Big Sea.

Then some new music from Coco Love Alcorn, as my sleep deprivation kicks in.  Listen and you’ll hear what I mean.

A song by Cody Allen who was opening up for Faded Blue on some of their Ontario tour dates.

Some songs by Jim Payne and Fergus O’Byrne.  And end the hour with Teresa Ennis.

I know those links work OK.  I’ll try and see about the online stream for Friday Night.  Enjoy your long weekend, if you have one.

2 Year Anniversary Tonight

This weekend marks 2 years since the show started.  So somewhat of a 2 year anniversary show tonight.  Might have a LIVE interview lined up.  So for the rest of the show I’ll just play a lot of music.

Was going to play some older interviews I’ve done but with a new one I’ll save them for another week.  More music tonight.

Will have a clip from the first episode near the end of the show.  So stay tuned for that. 🙂

New music from Coco Love Alcorn too.  So tune in at 6pm EST tonight.  And what do you know.  The CFRC website is finally up and running.  The new look website.


Still working out the kinks, the Archive does work.  But only if you scroll through a long list of files and find what you want.  Not easy as it sounds when you see things like “20090510130001.mp3”, which means May 10th, 2009 at 13:00 or 1pm EST.

I’ll write a longer blog post about the show on Saturday.  History of the show so to speak.

Thanks to all the musicians who have sent me music over the last 2 years.