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One More Song – Ian Foster

Played a song on the show over the last couple of years that has become a short film. Ian Foster on his album ‘The Evening Light’ has a track called ‘A Large Crowd Gathers for the Deceased Jeff Elliot’s Encore Performance’. Story from The Telegram on it.

“Musician to make film debut at this year’s Nickel” by Tara Bradbury

“One Monday night in the middle of a Newfoundland winter, Dan heads to The Ship Pub to take in an unlikely show – a posthumous concert featuring Jeff Eliot. Jeff wasn’t really a big deal prior to his death. His music drifted out of half-broken PAs and into restless drunken crowds for years, but that all changed after he died. Suddenly, fame happened. People who had not seen him in life yearned for him after death. They yearned for the last show. And this time, they got what they wanted.”

So reads St. John’s singer/songwriter Ian Foster’s synopsis for his first foray into filmmaking, a short film called “One More Song,” which will premiere at this year’s Nickel Independent Film Festival. The film started off as a song – “A Large Crowd Gathers for the Deceased Jeff Elliot’s Encore Performance,” which eventually went on to be featured on Foster’s most recent album, “The Evening Light” – and a short story, which earned Foster a Newfoundland and Labrador Arts and Letters Award in 2010 in the senior fiction category.

This is the website for the short film which premiered at the festival recently.

Trailer: One More Song – A Short Film by Ian Foster

The newest update from is Ian won ‘Best Screenplay’ at the film festival. Picture from Ian.

I won a The Nickel Independent Film Festival award last night: “Best Screenplay” for One More Song. It’s a giant pewter nickel! It has been a great week at the festival, and I’ve met some cool folks. Thanks to the cast and crew who worked on the film – a year and a half ago, this thing was an idea, and now here we are. It’s a pretty great day! #offtoseethenickel

Congrats to Ian on the award.

Jay Smith Memorial Benefit Concert

Been couple of months since a blog post, sad news to pass along but musician Jay Smith passed away recently. Jay was a guitarist for the Matt Mays band and also put out his own self titled CD in 2011. Which I had played on the show a number of times since then.

There is a memorial concert being held this Sunday with benefits going towards Jay’s two young children. Stephanie Beaumont has more details on the concert on her blog ‘Sea and Be Scene’

This Friday on the show in Jay’s memory I’ll be playing his album in its entirety. Donations are also being taken online. Visit the Matt Mays website and click on the DONATE button.

Following was from Matt’s website after Jay’s death.

Jay Smith – 1978-2013
Posted on March 28, 2013


Our guitar player and dear friend Jay Smith passed away yesterday morning in Edmonton. As you can all imagine, we are completely devastated. However, in our heart of hearts we know that we need to Play on. Jay’s family as well as the band know he would have wanted it that way. All the proceeds from the remaining shows will be put into a trust for his two beautiful children. Please click here [] if you would like to make a donation.

Jay’s wit, charm, and unparalleled love of music will never be forgotten. He was our brother and he will live in our hearts and song forever.

Matt, Serge, Damien, Adam and Matt

Quick Mid April Update

Back after ECMA week in Moncton. Writing a blog about the week will take a while. Other ones have done the recap of awards and such so here are 2 of them for now. Stephanie Beaumont and Tom Power.

I had lots of updates and a few pictures during the trip to Moncton, while at ECMA week and on the way back for those interested.  Just check out the Twitter page and go back a bit.

A blog post about the entire trip will be coming down the pipes.  Just don’t expect it until next month.  Might as well write one huge one as opposed to a few shorter ones.  And May is the 5th Anniversary of the radio show, so it makes more sense to save that for then.

NaBloPoMo Day 15 : Halfway Mark

Halfway through the month of November, time flying by.  Surprised myself by keeping up the daily posts.  Especially when in Toronto.

Yesterday a long post with my tangent on traveling from Kingston. Tomorrow NFL picks will pop up since Thursday Night Football. Might eventually just pick Thursday Night’s contest on Twitter then post the rest of the picks on Saturday/Sunday. Save me a couple of days writing about the games. And a better idea of injury reports and the like.

This week the major injuries are already known. Houston’s Matt Schaub out for the season and Leinart will take over as QB. Even during a season without Peyton Manning the Texans have something like this come up. If it wasn’t for bad luck they’d have no luck at all. Meanwhile the first season Indy has to deal with Manning suffering any type of injury they’ll get to pick Andrew Luck as 1st overall to replace Peyton. That’s dumb luck, no pun intended.

As per Holly Horton’s Twitter her return to TSN SportsCentre is earlier than expected. Later today at 6pm and on Friday at the same time.

Friday is my birthday by the way.  Planning on taping the radio show for that night, I work Thursday night at 11pm so I’ll be sleeping most of my birthday. Had to tweak my schedule to make the trip to Toronto last weekend. Probably re-air the interview with Sora as she’s the singer I saw in Toronto.  Also got some music from the other artist who was there harpist, Sharlene Wallace.

Who has a connection with Kingston.  She’s played with the Kingston Symphony before.  So I mentioned ‘Conductor’s Corner’ which was a classical music show on the station hosted by someone from the Symphony and Sharlene knows Doug personally.

When I talked to her I didn’t know the show had just left CFRC and moved to online only.  My show changed in September as well [from 2 hours to 1] so I am catching up on all the changes.

And on the last radio episode they mentioned the interview with Sharlene.

Ian Foster Live Interview

Last minute but we’ll have Ian Foster on tonight’s show.  Quick live interview about 10 minutes.  He’s coming to Ontario starting next week.  Last summer if you remember he had a long tour.  Drove from Newfoundland to Ontario while doing some dates along the way.  Then flew out to Vancouver and played some gigs in B.C.

This summer just a short tour of Ontario.  We’ll chat for a few minutes about that and his recent European dates. 4th summer in a row talking to Ian on the phone.  Tradition continues tonight at 6pm EST.

NFL Playoffs Week 2

Cowboys won a playoff game after 13 years and I didn’t have a blog up with my predictions last week.  I’m a Redskins fan but would’ve liked to write about it.  Reason for no blog last week was my midnight shift job, 3 CFRC sports broadcasts in 4 nights, along with my radio show and that the games started on Saturday.  I write the NFL blogs late on Saturday night when it’s quiet so that didn’t happen last week.

On Twitter I did pick Eagles, Patriots, Jets and Cardinals.  2-2 which is better than most did.  Crazy thing was last week I heard the amount of people betting on the Packers kept going up and up as the week went along.  Huh?  Thought they were pretty even but I gave Arizona the edge.  Nothing worth putting money on though.

This is where an American blogger would say “of course sports betting is illegal outside of Nevada” but we have ProLine in Canada.  Go to a local convenience store and fill out a ticket for what team you want and put some money down. Maximum of 100 bucks.  So it’s not crazy.

As for this weekend, I’m going with “4 C’s”.  When I wrote them down I noticed they all start with the letter “C”.

Cardinals over Saints. Never thought I’d call Arizona a “playoff tested” team but here we are after a run to the SuperBowl last year.  And they held off a valiant Packers team who kept fighting back.  Saints looked bad after the loss to Dallas.  No excuse for losing at home to Tampa Bay the following week.  New Orleans have seemed to peak in that Monday Night game against New England.  If the Superdome didn’t help them against the Bucs I think the Cards will win this game.

Colts over Ravens.  Back and forth on this one.  But key for me was Ravens QB Joe Flacco throwing for 34 yards last week in a win.  Really think Colts could lose this one but 34 yards is a number sticking in my head too much.

Cowboys over Vikings. Dallas got their first playoff win since the Clinton administration last Saturday.  They’ve played well over the last month, surprisingly.  Minnesota the opposite.  And I ignore their last game against the New York ‘rolling over and not trying’ Giants.

Chargers over Jets.  Matchup is a good one for the Jets.  San Diego can’t run well this year, NY defense stops the run.  NY is a good running team, SD can’t stop the run.  Comes down to the QB’s and I think Rivers will have enough for the win, but a close game.

NFL Week 17

The always hard to predict Week 17. Mainly for which teams will feel like giving its all this week. At least we know Indy will mail it in.Colts decision last week to throw in the towel during the second half was dumb for several reasons.

– The “keep the players from getting injured” excuse makes no sense. You can get hurt in the first half. The week before they had another game that meant nothing in the standings to the Colts. In that one they played the entire game on the road against a division opponent in Jacksonville. Hmmm, on the road play everyone but piss off the home fans against the Jets.

– Doing it at home. I’m sure they thought they’d get a free ride at home from the fans. Weren’t they surprised? I’m not a fan of Indy but kudos to their fans for booing them last week. You pay season ticket prices and to see them pull that must’ve been beyond annoying. We know they’re not giving the fans a discount although the coach/gm sent them the message “this game doesn’t matter”.

– Being undefeated is something big in football. And Bill Polian’s own words from his radio show in December have come back to bite him. If he was a guy that doesn’t care about records that would be one thing but….

“The most wins in a decade is really something. To me, that’s more impressive than the 22 straight, although, really both of them are equally as impressive.”

“When you think about how infrequently you can get home-field advantage throughout the playoffs – that in itself is an incredible achievement. To do it in the AFC, which is by far the tougher conference, is an equally incredible achievement. To put yourself in the history books with 22 straight victories . . . all records are made to be broken and somebody will come along and break that, but it may be a while before anyone does. It’s really nice to be part of that.”

He cares about the decade wins and the regular season winning streak but not going undefeated? Especially strange since that regular season streak happened with not winning a championship. One and done last season against San Diego. Ya, that’s a memorable streak Bill.

And they don’t realize if they do win this season, it will be remembered now for “What if???” At least other teams have tried to go undefeated, more honour in trying and failing then giving up. Queen’s tried to win the last game of the regular season even though it meant nothing in the standings. But at least they gave an effort.

– One SuperBowl. You can’t be team of the decade with one trophy. An undefeated season which New England couldn’t do would be a big thing. But Indy joins Baltimore, Tampa Bay, New York Giants and St. Louis as teams who won once in the 2000s. Team of the decade argument is Patriots vs Steelers. That’s it. Heck, the Giants even got to 2 SuperBowls this decade. Imagine that.

– As pointed out many times you know who the ’72 Dolphins are. 1971 SuperBowl Champs? Ummm.

Found a quote from Eddie White, co-host of an afternoon drive-time sports-talk show on 1070 The Fan.

“The fans felt cheated on a chance for history. What struck me is that numerous callers said they work two jobs, and the second job was to help them pay for season tickets. What’s also become apparent here in recent years is Indiana and Indianapolis have officially become a football town and football state. The love the Colts. They wanted their team to make history.”

“I think they would have accepted losing 31-30 on a great throw by Mark Sanchez at the gun if it had come with the starters on the field. But the way it happened, they viewed this as the Colts taking the towel and throwing it into the ring. The odd thing now is if they win the Super Bowl, some of the fans will be even more depressed because they felt they could have been perfect too, and that chance was ruined.”

Onto the picks.

Indianapolis at Buffalo. Look who it is. Bills with a win, because of the weather and Indy playing the B Team.

New Orleans at Carolina. Saints have tried to win the last 2 games. Just not playing well. Brees is not playing so pick Carolina.

Jacksonville at Cleveland. Browns have played well lately but I’ll pick the Jags. Jags still have a shot at the playoffs. Technically anyway. They need a win and a tiny bit of help.

1. Jacksonville win + Pittsburgh loss + Baltimore loss + Denver loss + Houston loss OR
2. Jacksonville win + Pittsburgh loss + Baltimore loss + Denver loss + Jets loss OR
3. Jacksonville win + Pittsburgh loss + Baltimore loss + Houston loss + Jets loss OR
4. Jacksonville win + Pittsburgh loss + Denver loss + Houston loss + Jets loss OR
5. Jacksonville win + Jets loss + Denver loss + Houston loss + Baltimore loss

That won’t be hard.

Chicago at Detroit. Bears I guess.

New England at Houston. Patriots even with resting guys. Texans can get in too.
1. Houston win + Jets loss or tie + Baltimore loss or tie OR
2. Houston win + Jets loss or tie + Denver loss or tie OR
3. Houston win + Baltimore loss or tie + Denver loss or tie.

Pittsburgh at Miami. Going with Steelers. Dolphins have one chance to get in.

1. Miami win + Jets loss + Baltimore loss + Houston loss + Jacksonville loss or tie.

Pittsburgh has 3 chances.

1. Pittsburgh win + Houston loss or tie + Jets loss or tie OR
2. Pittsburgh win + Houston loss or tie + Baltimore loss or tie OR
3. Pittsburgh win + Jets loss or tie + Baltimore loss or tie + Denver loss or tie

NY Giants at Minnesota. Vikings falling apart but does NY even care at this point? Minnesota with a win in a horrible game.

San Francisco at St. Louis. Rams [1-14] are the worst team of the last few seasons but keep flying under the radar of most fans with how putrid they are. Lions put up more of a fight in their season when they won nothing. 49ers win here.
Atlanta at Tampa Bay. Bucs, why not?

Now the 4pm games. Philadelphia at Dallas. For the Eagles if they win in Dallas they win the NFC East and a first-round bye. Tie with the Cowboys they win the division. If Vikings lose or tie, Eagles also get the first-round bye. For Dallas if they beat the Eagles, they win the division. If Vikings lose and the Cardinals lose or tie, Dallas get the first-round bye, too. Go with Philly for no real reason. They’re both in the playoffs.

Green Bay at Arizona. Cards can still get a bye? Wow. An Arizona win combined with Minnesota and Philadelphia losing means they get a week off.

Kansas City at Denver. Chiefs with the win, I picked the Raiders to beat Denver recently so have to go with KC. However, even with a loss Denver can get in. Get ready to have a headache after this list of ways the Broncos can get in.

1. Denver win + Jets loss or tie + Baltimore loss or tie OR
2. Denver win + Jets loss or tie + Pittsburgh loss or tie OR
3. Denver win + Jets loss or tie + Houston win OR
4. Denver win + Baltimore loss or tie + Pittsburgh loss or tie OR
5. Denver win + Baltimore loss or tie + Houston win OR
6. Pittsburgh loss + Baltimore loss + Houston loss + Jacksonville loss or tie OR
7. Pittsburgh loss + Baltimore loss + Houston loss + Jets loss OR
8. Pittsburgh loss + Baltimore loss + Jacksonville loss or tie + Jets loss OR
9. Pittsburgh loss + Houston loss + Jacksonville loss or tie + Jets loss OR
10. Jets loss + Baltimore loss + Houston loss + Jacksonville loss or tie

Baltimore at Oakland. Ravens win, they’re in. Lose and they’re not. That’s it….. surprisingly simple. If the Raiders QB was healthy might go for an upset but Gradkowski isn’t. And the game is blacked out in Oakland since they didn’t sell enough tickets.

Washington at San Diego. Chargers in a game that doesn’t matter.

Tennessee at Seattle. Titans, ditto. Unless they’re trying to get Chris Johnson to 2000 yards.

The Sunday Night game [none on Monday by the way] Cincinnati at NY Jets. Jets win they’re in. Last game at Giants Stadium and they’re not selling alcohol. Cranky New Yorkers. Bengals could be playing for a higher seed, but they will know if they can move up with a win by the time the game starts. So they might play the B Team.

Last season Favre and the Jets lost the last game of the season at home when a win would get them in the post-season. NY wouldn’t do that again would they? Oh yes they would, they are the J-E-T-S after all. Bengals win the win.