Carnell Knowledge 2012 : NFL Week 14

Went with Denver on Thursday night against Oakland, no surprise there.

Ravens at Redskins

With a 9-3 record Baltimore can lose this game and still be safe for the playoffs, another must win for Washington.

Rams at Bills

St. Louis got their win last week over San Francisco after a tie with them earlier in the year. On the road in cold Buffalo, I’d go with the Bills.

Cowboys at Bengals

Jerry Jones was cheering for the Redskins on Monday. Since my team beating the Giants was better for the Cowboys in the standing. Jerry said on his radio show it did feel weird going for the Skins.

Chiefs at Browns

Not a good game to watch.

Titans at Colts

Rams beat the 49ers last week so why not go with an division upset here.

Bears at Vikings

Chicago loses at home to Seattle, who had won 1 game on the road all season. Have a feeling the Bears are slipping again.

Chargers at Steelers

Rumours of San Diego finally dumping head coach Norv Turner and General Manager AJ Smith. Case of “too little, too late” as the conference has passed them by. Broncos in their division, Texans 1st in the AFC, even the Colts with a rookie QB have twice the wins that San Diego does. And Philip Rivers was drafted the same year as Eli Manning. Eli 2 Super Bowl rings and Rivers not even an appearance in it.

Eagles at Bucs

This Philadelphia team is the Titanic. From calling themselves the “Dream Team” last summer to a 3-9 record as of now.

Falcons at Panthers

Ephraim Salaam on a Grantland/ESPN podcast summed up Cam Newton, “he’s a spoiled brat”. Story came out how he acted at the Pro Bowl last week, acting like a diva and turning down a player’s request to take a picture with his kids. The only QB that was sacked and thrown to the ground by the AFC players during that all star game? Newton. This year 3-9.

Jets at Jaguars

Oh, the lowly Jets and Jaguars. Could be a 3-0 game, seeing as NY won last week 7-6.

Dolphins at 49ers

San Fran to bounce back after an overtime loss last week.

Saints at Giants

Probably more of me wanting NY to lose so my Redskins can catch up.

Cardinals at Seahawks

Seattle at home against a team that scored 6 points against the Jets last Sunday?

Lions at Packers

Detroit, 4-8 and Titus Young sums up their season. Against the Packers earlier in the season it came out he lined up incorrectly on purpose. He proceeded to yell at the receiver coach on the sidelines complaining about how they were using him. During a game against a division rival?

Apparently he kept up being an idiot and they put him on ‘injured reserve’ this week although it doesn’t sound like the injury was that bad. They were that sick of him and it was a way to send him home.

Texans at Patriots

Houston is undefeated on the road, however I’ll go with the Pats at home on a Monday night.

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