Carnell Knowledge 2012 : NFL Week 13

Laval beat McMaster in the Vanier Cup on Friday night. Ended up being so tired I dozed off on the couch and missed the entire first half. Woke up in time for 2nd half though. Laval pulled away and Mac never got things in gear.

Grey Cup today. My previous blog post about the train tour missing Kingston had a good response. Will write more on that later in the week. Mike Hogan and Chris Cuthbert both tweeted me back about it.

One part of today I still can’t wrap my head around. No online streaming. The game is on TSN, a cable station. Does lead to the weird fact that the Super Bowl is available across the country on CTV, however the same company has the Grey Cup on a channel you have to pay for. If they had streaming that would alleviate a lot of that. And NBC streamed the Super Bowl this year and they paid a tonne of money for that game. Bell, which owns TSN, didn’t mind streaming everything live from the Olympics. Only way you can see today’s game online is on a tape delay once the broadcast is over.

Didn’t all of Canada make fun of NBC for tape delaying the Summer Olympics? Hopefully the next TV contract solves this problem.

By the way, I should mention the ratings over the past 12 months of two big football games.

Giants-Patriots Super Bowl this past February, 8.15 Million. Last year’s Grey Cup, 4.6 Million. Those numbers from Bell press releases.  That’s lost in all hoopla today.

If I’m watching TV and the CFL is on I will watch. I also watch Arena Football too in the same way, so that’s not saying much. Never gotten into the CFL as a fan. Hard to when you become a football fan living in New Brunswick and the closest team in the Canadian Football League was Ottawa. [No Montreal in late 80s/early 90s] Expanding to Sacramento, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Shreveport and the like didn’t help. At least CIS Football is coast to coast with teams in the Maritimes. Also look at the previous blog post for the boneheaded decision to skip Kingston with the Grey Cup Train tour.  The league has had bad luck with me over the years.

Onto this week’s NFL picks. So far 3-0 with getting all the US Thanksgiving games right. My Redskins play the Giants next week on Monday night, which could be for the division lead? Wow. I already wrote off this season going in as a “learning year” for Robert Griffin III. Might be wrong.

I have no Grey Cup pick. Didn’t see any of the playoffs this season.

Minnesota at Chicago

Oakland at Cincinnati

Pittsburgh at Cleveland

Almost beat Dallas last week, they put up a good fight most weeks.

Buffalo at Indy

Buffalo coming off extra rest after playing at home on the previous Thursday.

Denver at Kansas City

Seattle at Miami

Atlanta at Tampa Bay

Tennessee at Jacksonville

Baltimore at San Diego

San Francisco at New Orleans

Saints have to win to keep their playoff hopes alive. 49ers don’t need this game.

St. Louis at Arizona

Green Bay at NYG

Sunday night Green Bay has to keep pace with the Bears in their division. Giants have been flat lately.

Carolina at Philly

Ugly Monday Night game.


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