Carnell Knowledge 2012 : NFL Week 10

Before the weekly NFL picks, since it is Remembrance Day a link to The Trews “Highway of Heroes”.

Onto NFL Week 10. Writing a post about what happened with the Grey Cup tour and Kingston. A slightly long amusing story that will have to wait a few days.

Obviously would’ve picked Indy over the lowly Jaguars on Thursday. When Jacksonville fans are wearing bags over their heads I’ll be picking against them for the rest of the season.

NY Giants at Cincinnati

NY played flat against the Steelers. Pittsburgh flies in the day of the game and beats them. Giants have it easy thish season in the NFC East since the rest of the division is dysfunctional. They still won’t want to lose 2 in a row. And they have a much better road record than home anyway. It’s in Ohio so I’ll go with the G-Men.

Tennessee at Miami

Titans owner Bud Adams fired a warning shot across the entire team saying he might overhaul everything. A bit strange since their QB for the future, Jake Locker got injured so it’s not like all hands have been on deck. He should be back on Sunday. However Bud is the owner who is known for things like getting fined after giving Bills fans the middle finger at a game a couple of years ago. He’s not the most level-headed owner.

Detroit at Minnesota

Christian Ponder has been atrocious lately. Twice in the last 3 weeks he has thrown for less than 65 yards. That would be hard to do on purpose.

Buffalo at New England

Not much to say about this one.

Atlanta at New Orleans

Atlanta still undefeated. One of the more quiet streaks lately. Similar to that year where the Titans of all teams went 10-0, then lost in the first round. I still have that feeling about the Falcons. Especially after last year where none of them showed up in a playoff game against New York 24-2. That was the third straight playoff loss for Matt Ryan and coach Mike Smith too. Just keep that in mind come the post season. Can’t pick the Saints in this game however.

San Diego at Tampa Bay

Both teams are at 4-4. Tampa Bay’s record at home is 2-2, and San Diego on the road is 2-2. I don’t know who would put money down on this game. I have to pick one of the teams so I’ll go with Tampa.

Denver at Carolina

Somehow last week when I was posting the blog the section on Redskins/Panthers didn’t copy over. Oops. Picked Washington which didn’t work out.

Mentioned Matt Ryan who has great regular seasons and doesn’t do as good in the playoffs, oh look it’s Peyton Manning. You know Peyton’s playoff record? 9-10. Even worse, his teams have been eliminated in their first playoff game SEVEN times. One-and-done, 7 times. Lot of sports writers seem to erase those stats from their minds during the regular season.

Oakland at Balimore

Baltimore being 6-2 doesn’t sound right. I don’t think they’re that good. If they were playing a good team I’d pick against them.

NY Jets at Seattle

Seattle unbeaten at home. Nuff said.

Dallas at Philadelphia

Back to the dysfunctional NFC East. Jerry Jones in an interview said he probably would fire the General Manager, if the GM wasn’t Jerry himself. Thanks for that insight. In Philly, Andy Reid fires the defensive co-ordinator a couple of weeks back, even though the defense was decent.

Trying to find a scapegoat. The defense ends up being worse too after the change. Too bad the NFL doesn’t have ties anymore since that’s what these two teams deserve.

St. Louis at San Fran

Rams layed an egg in England last Sunday. A week after a game in London, they have a road game on the West Coast? That doesn’t seem fair. Especially since the Rams haven’t won in San Francisco since 2007.

Houston at Chicago

Best game of the week is on Sunday night.  Going with the Texans on a hunch.

Kansas City at Pittsburgh

A Monday Night game I have no interest in seeing any part of, like most of North America.


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