Carnell Knowledge 2012 : NFL Week 9

End of the Queen’s Football season. Usually when a team is up by 22 points with 5 minutes to go you will win a playoff game. Not on Saturday though as Guelph came back to knock the Golden Gaels out of the postseason.

Onto the NFL Week 9 picks. My Thursday pick of Chiefs with an upset didn’t work out.

Denver at Cincinnati

I thought Denver would lose to the Saints last Sunday night, and that wasn’t even close. AFC West is pretty crappy so Denver should win that division without breaking a sweat.

Baltimore at Cleveland

Baltimore is running on fumes, last 2 games giving up 400 yards in each. The Browns are 2-6, yet they have played tough in a lot of those games. Picking the Ravens because they are coming off their bye week.

Arizona at Green Bay

Green Bay’s record is only 1 game better than the Cardinals. Strange but the Pack has woken up lately.

Chicago at Tennessee

While Green Bay is better than their record, Bears being 6-1 doesn’t sound right. Their offense is in the bottom third in passing yards per game for example. They have enough to beat the Titans, just don’t think Chicago gets far in the playoffs.

Miami at Indianapolis

Two surprising teams. Both with rookie QB’s so this one is a pure guess.

Detroit at Jacksonville

If Detroit can’t beat the Jaguars, that will be a tough hill to climb to even squeak in the playoffs. 3-5 with the Bears and Packers ahead of them in the divison. Wild Card the only route the Lions can honestly expect at this point.

Buffalo at Houston

Bills 3-4, even with their bad performances in some games that’s almost a .500 record. Not bad with the AFC being the weaker conference this season. Texans should handle Buffalo easily. I do get a feeling the Bills could lose by 20 or win by 10. That kind of team. Both squads coming off their bye weeks as well.

Tampa Bay at Oakland

Rematch of the ‘Chucky’ Super Bowl. Jon Gruden was the Raiders coach, got traded to Tampa Bay and the following season the Bucs crushed the Raiders in the Super Bowl. With the Jays trading their manager recently it reminded me of a previous time that happened. In that case Oakland started a downward spiral they still haven’t recovered from. Buccaneers won a Super Bowl so they won that trade.

Minnesota at Seattle

Seattle unbeaten at home, so an easy pick.

Pittsbugh at NY Giants

With Hurricane Sandy it has affected this game in one way. The Steelers don’t have a hotel to stay at, so they are flying in on Sunday morning. They did have rooms at a place in New Jersey however as of Thursday that hotel still did not have power. I would have leaned towards NY anyway, but that travel doesn’t help.

Dallas at Atlanta

Undefeated Falcons at home on NBC. Cowboys last week had a horrible first half, then almost came back to win. Which team shows up on Sunday? Knowing Dallas probably both.

Philadelphia at New Orleans

Eagles 3-4, Saints 2-5. A desperate game should arise since a loss for either side and the season is most likely over.


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