Carnell Knowledge 2012 : NFL Week 8

Didn’t think Tampa Bay would beat Minnesota but that happened on Thursday. Onto the rest of Week 8, day after Queen’s won a playoff game against Laurier. No contest as the Golden Gaels won 34-0. They travel to Guelph next week. Hope the CFRC radio broadcast went well yesterday. I was asleep so I’ll have to catch some of it on the archive the station has on the website. After 6 seasons of working on those broadcasts it is a bit strange to miss the entire season. 6 years is a long run though.

Washington at Pittsburgh

Steelers not as good as previous years. Redskins almost beat NY and I think the Giants are better than Pittsburgh.

Seattle at Detroit

Detroit just not clicking this season.

Carolina at Chicago

Last season and before this one I said Cam Newton was overrated. People didn’t notice how his numbers were going down the last 6 weeks of 2011. Now he’s moping and whining at press conferences. He’s like Jay Cutler in that respect. Who they are playing this week. Good timing. Either way a quarterback will be throwing a fit after a loss on Sunday.

Atlanta at Philadelphia

Michael Vick’s old team against his current one. Fans of the Falcons must be very happy how things have turned out.

New England at St. Louis

In London, England. Neutral field so I’ll go with the Patriots.

Indy at Tennessee

Just a hunch.

San Diego at Cleveland

Another hunch since both teams are bad.

Miami at NY Jets

I caught a typo where I put NJ Jets.  That is more interesting to me than this game.

Jacksonville at Green Bay

The Jaguars are going to be playing 4 of their regular season home games in London over the next 4 seasons. Not that we neeed another sign that team is struggling in Florida. That is a big one when you are willing to give up a home game because the attendance is so bad they tarp off many seats. Green Bay is a small market that works. Jacksonville is just not that kind of town.

Oakland at Kansas City

I’ll go with Oakland.  This is a good rivalry, not sure it will translate to the field this week.

NY Giants at Dallas

Giants need a loss here. Sounds weird but this is the New York Giants we are talking about. If they aren’t battling adversity they will not get far in the playoffs. It’s how they are.

New Orleans at Denver

Saints trying to scratch their way back. Good matchup since neither of these teams will have much of a defense.

San Francisco at Arizona

Then you have game which might be all defense on Monday night. Probably an ugly game like last Thursday’s San Fran/Seattle.


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