Carnell Knowledge 2012 : NFL Week 6

I would have picked Steelers over Titans, so 0-1 start to the week.

Oakland at Atlanta

My Redskins pick over Atlanta last week almost worked. Robert Griffin III getting a concussion in the 1st half didn’t help, but Falcons only won by 7 points against a backup QB. That might have been their trap game. Now they are at home and should handle the Raiders easily.

Cincinnati at Cleveland

Bengals having a similar season to last year. Quietly 3-2, tied at the top of their division and a shot at a playoff spot. But no one really talking about them. Could sneak into a Wild Card like 2011.

St. Louis at Miami

Rams 3-2 and Miami has 2 wins? Dolphins not as bad as I thought they would be. St. Louis in 2011 had the bottom fall out for what seems like bad coaching. Turned that Number 2 pick into a trade with the Redskins for RGIII. NFC West is not a cakewalk for the 49ers like it was last year with Rams/Seahawks/Cardinals.

Indy at NY Jets

Colts came back to beat Green Bay. After the talk of how great they played for their coach who had to step aside as he’s battling leukemia. Am I the only one who thought “then why did they suck so much in the 1st half?”.  Indy scored 3 points in the first half. They played great for the 2nd half.  First 2 quarters they didn’t show up.

Detroit at Philadelphia

4 of the first 5 games for Philly have been decided by less than 4 points.  Might as well go with Detroit.

Kansas City at Tampa Bay

No specific reason.

Dallas at Baltimore

Weird stat, Dallas has never beaten the Ravens.  They are in different conferences but that is the only franchise the Cowboys have not defeated.

Buffalo at Arizona

Bills are falling apart.  Defense primarily.

New England at Seattle

I heard somewhere that Tom Brady has never played in Seattle before.  Tough place to play, still think they have enough for the win. If the Seahawks had a better QB I might’ve picked them.

NY Giants at San Fran

Giants do have a great record on the road, but they are dealing with more than a few injuries.

Minnesota at Washington

Sounds like Griffin is playing, which is silly.  Why put him back in a week after a concussion where he didn’t know what the score was?

Green Bay at Houston

Houston undefeated so I’m going with them over a sluggish Packer team that can’t get it together.

Denver at San Diego

Both aren’t going to get very far this year in any playoff run.

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