Carnell Knowledge 2012 : NFL Week 4

[edit] Normal refs are back on Thursday. All this written on Wednesday.

Finished 9-7 last week. Since I’m counting Green Bay as a correct pick. When a gambing site is refunding those who bet on the Packers you know the refs screwed up. And the NFL being in denial the next day that it was the right call.

Going to Toronto this weekend for a concert. Friend of the radio show Ian Foster is playing on Friday night. Show is already taped that will air this week. Other than the concert I’m flying by the seat of my pants on my 3 nights in Toronto. Although Thursday I get off work at 7am and am catching a train around noon. So that night I’ll be either asleep or half awake watching Browns/Ravens. So writing this much earlier than usual.

First up, Thursday Night Football.

Cleveland (0-3, Road: 0-1) at Baltimore (2-1, Home: 2-0)

Baltimore win against New England on a last second field goal. In a game that the refs were so bad the crowd had one of the loudest ‘BULLSH#T’ chants I’ve heard outside of professional wrestling. And the Monday Night game somehow was worse. This could be a trap game. I still think the Ravens will win.

Minnesota (2-1, Road: 0-1) at Detroit (1-2, Home: 1-0)

Minnesota beats San Francisco and are tied for 1st in the NFC North division. A head scratcher.

San Diego (2-1, Road: 1-0) at Kansas City (1-2, Home: 0-1)

Chargers got pounded by Atlanta and I correctly picked KC to win. I’ll go with them at home.

Tennessee (1-2, Road: 0-1) at Houston (3-0, Home: 1-0)

Titans won a wacky game over Detroit. However they go to an undefeated Houston team. Which this year might not mean much. 2 weeks ago I would have put money on the Patriots beating Arizona and last week the 49ers got beat by the Vikings. I’m still going with Houston.

New England (1-2, Road: 1-1) at Buffalo (2-1, Home: 1-0)

If New England loses, going to be a lot of talk on NFL shows.

San Francisco (2-1, Road: 1-1) at NY Jets (2-1, Home: 1-0)

San Fran should bounce back, especially with NY losing Revis for the entire season.

Seattle (2-1, Road: 0-1) at St. Louis (1-2, Home: 1-0)

Seattle with a win that will be a real win.

Carolina (1-2, Road: 0-1) at Atlanta (3-0, Home: 1-0)

Cam Newton moping during a loss? D’uh. Even Steve Smith called him out.

Cincinnati (2-1, Road: 1-1) at Jacksonville (1-2, Home: 0-1)

Cincinnati is 2-1? Quiet.

Oakland (1-2, Road: 0-1) at Denver (1-2, Home: 1-1)

Oakland woke up last week. Not sold on Denver, their defense hasn’t been doing well. Which has led to Peyton Manning trying to make a comeback with a bad neck and weaker arm. Small detail you might’ve missed. End of the Denver game they had the backup warming up to throw a possible Hail Mary. Not the best vote of confidence for Manning in the long run.

Miami (1-2, Road: 0-1) at Arizona (3-0, Home: 2-0)

Maybe Arizona is a good team.

New Orleans (0-3, Road: 0-1) at Green Bay (1-2, Home: 1-1)

Saints need a win, however after that Monday Night debacle GB also will be desperate.

Washington (1-2, Road: 1-1) at Tampa Bay (1-2, Home: 1-0)

Why not? It’s not like Tampa is setting the world on fire.

NY Giants (2-1, Road: 1-0) at Philadelphia (2-1, Home: 1-0)

Philly is the worst 2-1 team in the league.

Monday, Chicago (2-1, Road: 0-1) at Dallas (2-1, Home: 1-0)

Dallas up and down as usual. Don’t know what you get with the Bears either. If the replacement refs are in this one could be a bigger debacle. Angering fans of the Bears and Cowboys?


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