Carnell Knowledge 2012 : NFL Week 3

Week 2 finished below .500, not surprising given such a weird week. Like Pats/Cards where I just wrote “easy pick”. Oops. Picked NYG over Carolina, forgot to tweet that however I did pick New York. They are great on the road and Cam Newton is overrated.

NY Giants 36 Carolina 7

Forgot to write earlier that this is the first Queen’s Football season I haven’t been working on since 2005. Worked on the radio broadcasts since 2006. Last year only did 3 or 4 games and had to tap out this season with working midnights. Queen’s had been playing very well this season, had their first loss of the season Saturday against McMaster. The defending Vanier Cup champions so no shame in that. Good luck to the new CFRC sports crew this season.

Onto Sunday’s games, this one will be quick. Saturday morning when I usually write this I had a power outage. So rushing on a Sunday.

Jacksonville 0-2 at Indianapolis 1-1

Fact the Jaguars are 0-2 is not a shock. Strange that the Chiefs and Saints are though.

Buffalo 1-1 at Cleveland 0-2

Browns should’ve beaten Philly so not as bad as 0-2 indicate. They will have a short week after this with a Thursday night game against Baltimore.

NY Jets 1-1 at Miami 1-1

Flip a coin.

Kansas City 0-2 at New Orleans 0-2

I’m picking New Orleans to be 0-3? Yes.

Cincinnati 1-1 at Washington 1-1

Redskins’ defense wasn’t as good as previous years. And now they lose 2 players to injury for the rest of the season in Orakpo and Carriker. Again, glad I said in Week 1 I was looking forward to 2013.

Detroit 1-1 at Tennessee 0-2

Detroit has to win games like this if they want to be in the playoffs again.

San Francisco 2-0 at Minnesota 1-1

San Fran looks like the best team in the league right now.

St. Louis 1-1 at Chicago 1-1

Another coin flip game.

Tampa Bay 1-1 at Dallas 1-1

Dallas looked great in the opening night game and then horrible versus Seattle. Now they are at home so I’ll pick them.

Atlanta 2-0 at San Diego 2-0

I should pick Atlanta, but the “Monday night game then flying to the West Coast” thing is in the back of my head.

Philadelphia 2-0 at Arizona 2-0

Philly would be one of the weaker 3-0 teams in recent memory.

Pittsburgh 1-1 at Oakland 0-2

Raiders almost made the playoffs last season. Not sure where that team went.

Houston 2-0 at Denver 1-1

Texans are 2-0 but haven’t really beaten anyone of substance. Knocking off Denver would be a good sign of how well they are playing.

Sunday night
New England 1-1 at Baltimore 1-1

I’ll go with New England after a bad loss to Arizona.

Green Bay 1-1 at Seattle 1-1

Should be a tough game. Seattle’s defense shutdown Dallas at home. Packers have a few more weapons and a better QB though.

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