Carnell Knowledge 2012 : NFL Week 2

9-7 in Week 1, which I forgot to mention is always the hardest week to pick in the entire season.  Was on a roll with only 3 wrong until the late Sunday games tripped me up.  Split the Monday night doubleheader to finish above .500 on that night.

Earlier on Twitter I picked Green Bay over Chicago. A much easier win than I thought. Onto today’s games.

Oakland 0-1 at Miami 0-1

Saw parts of San Diego/Oakland while at work. You didn’t miss much if you couldn’t stay up.  Most notable for Oakland losing pretty much because of a backup long snapper’s horrible performance. Caused a couple of fumbles and bad punts.  Miami was worse last Sunday so have to go with the Raiders.

Houston 1-0 at Jacksonville 0-1

Houston versus a team that is giving up some home games for London, England in the future.  Needless to say not much a home field advantage in Jacksonville.

Cleveland 0-1 at Cincinnati 0-1

The Browns rookie quarterback, Brandon Weeden, got run over by a big American flag and then had a horrible game. Think I should go with the Bengals.

Kansas City 0-1 at Buffalo 0-1

My pick of the Bills last week didn’t work out.  Laid an egg.

Baltimore 1-0 at Philadelphia 1-0

Eagles barely beat the lowly Browns. Baltimore looked good in the first week.  Although go back a year ago and same thing happened. Followed up a big Week 1 win with a bad loss.  I still will go with the Ravens.

Minnesota 1-0 at Indianapolis 0-1

Indy struggled against Chicago. Minnesota won a overtime game against Jacksonville, which is still a win. You can tell I’m not a fan of the Jags.

Arizona 1-0 at New England 1-0

Easy pick.

New Orleans 0-1 at Carolina 0-1

New Orleans should get back on track against an overrated Cam Newton.  Look at the 2nd half of last season and Newton had a dropoff in passing.

Tampa Bay 1-0 at NY Giants 0-1

NYG don’t have a good record at home over the last few seasons, much better on the road. Road record since 2006 is 32-17 and in New Jersey they are 25-23? Weird.

Late Games

Washington 1-0 at St. Louis 0-1

Robert Griffin III with a great debut.  I still say I’m looking forward to 2013.  A decent season for 2012 is good enough for me. That trade with St. Louis was one I agreed with and now I’m very glad they did that.

Dallas 1-0 at Seattle 0-1

I’m picking Dallas to go 2-0.  I can leave my allegiances at the door when making picks.

Tennessee 0-1 at San Diego 1-0

San Diego won on Monday, not impressive by any means. But the Titans have a rookie QB and not much going for them.

NY Jets 1-0 at Pittsburgh 0-1

Like my Packers pick over the Bears I think Pittsburgh needs this game more than NY.

Sunday Night, Detroit 1-0 at San Francisco 1-0

San Fran handled Green Bay so they should be able to handle a lesser team from the NFC North.

Monday Night, Denver 1-0 at Atlanta 1-0

Just a hunch.


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