2012 Olympic-esque Blog Day 3

Start off with something for my American friends. Remember Atlanta in 1996 when Kerri Strug helped win the US Women’s Gymnastics team a Gold Medal. You know NBC tape delayed that for you right? Oh….. you didn’t know.

I remember that night because I was watching CBC and Brian Williams said the US Women’s had won the Gold. I change the channel to NBC and they are still showing the early part of that event.

Even with an Olympics in America and the Eastern Time Zone they were showing things delayed. In that case they were trying to trick viewers into not knowing it was taped.

Old newspaper article mentioning the 1996 tape delay.


Host on CNN mentioning on his blog about the same thing.


NBC getting their usual beatdown on the tape delayed coverage. However this time they’ve learned about how much Social Media has grown. Regular viewers venting their frustration. #nbcfail has been popping all over Twitter.

Now, they’re not the first US Network to pull it. Team USA’s Miracle on Ice in 1980 wasn’t seen live on ABC.  And CBS did the same with the year Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding competed in Figure Skating in 1994.  However NBC has faced the wrath of fans since they have taken it to an extreme over the years.

Haven’t caught a lot of the Olympics yet, early morning is slim pickings after work for the most part.


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