2012 Olympic-esque Blog Day 2

Watched a bit of the early Saturday morning sports. Hopping around from channel to channel. Biking, rowing, swimming, beach volleyball and women’s basketball.

Canada was leading Russia most of the way in that basketball game but ended up losing. I should say the Russian team and a player from South Dakota. For those unfamiliar Becky Hammon wasn’t invited to try out for the US team so she became a Russian citizen so she could play for them. People do compete for countries they weren’t born in but you usually don’t see quotes like this.

“I love my country. I love our national anthem. It absolutely gives me chills sometimes. I feel honored to be an American, to be from America because of what we stand for.”

That from someone who became a Russian citizen? She claims she only played for Russia so she could play in the Olympics. But always follow the money. By becoming a citizen her salary for her pro team in Moscow tripled. Sure, just about playing in the games.  I have land in Florida to sell you if you believe her.

At least some people are honest, Markus Rogan of Austria who won 2 Silver Medals in Swimming in a previous Olympics. Over the next 2 weeks you will hear some broadcasters using the myth that all the Olympians do it for the love of their sports. Not true. For some it’s a job. Nothing more, nothing less. You might have a job you don’t like either.


“I really don’t like swimming, it’s terrible,” Rogan said. “You have to do something else. Sure, I’m here to win another Olympic medal, but I get really bored of it.”

The four-time European champion has been using every means possible to liven up his practice sessions, including basketball drills and jumping exercises.

“I don’t think it helps, but it gets me away from the monotony of swimming”

Seen other people have a prediction for the amount of Canadian medals, I’ll go with 11. A low number for sure but the country didn’t spend a tonne of money like they did in BC. At the Olympics, Money = Medals. And 11 isn’t that far off from recent totals.

2000 – 14
2004 – 12
2008 – 18

Quiet on the first weekend of the games.  Lot of that is I’m on midnights so missing a lot of it and catching up after the fact. I’ll try and catch some of the different TV coverage and see what I think of it.


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