2012 Olympic-esque Blog Day 1

Bringing the “Olympic-esque Blog” back out of storage. For those who were reading in 2010 I started writing during the Vancouver games and it became an ongoing thing during the time the Olympics were going on. Random writing on the games itself, the TV coverage and whatever comes to mind.

Back to what I wrote on the first day in Vancouver.

First for the bad news of the death of the Luger from Georgia, Nodar Kumaritashvili. Heard about it before I headed to the station last night for my show. Had to mention it during the show since I’m sure some listeners would’nt have heard it before they flicked it on tv that night.

Olympics will do things that just make you go nuts. For instance overnight they put out an international press release pretty much saying the accident was Nodar’s fault and not the track. Somehow the investigation has wrapped up in less than 12 hours and they’re going to run on the track as scheduled today. They go from honoring him during the ceremony to throwing his name under the bus. Classy.

I’ll move onto a lighter topic the Opening Ceremony. I don’t sit through opening or closing ceremonies of any Olympics since Salt Lake in 1996. Had to draw the line in the sand after the “talking dinosaurs” that year. Which lives on thanks to YouTube. Donny and Marie Osmond as Dinosaurs. Nothing in Vancouver’s opening or closing will top this when it comes to embarrassing.

[I had the link but the video was taken down]

The Dinosaur clip was on YouTube a couple of years ago, but has since been erased from existence. But print articles mentioning it do exist. And talks about someone named ‘Milton Romney’, whoever that would be.


Should mention, the sports started 2 days ago with soccer. Which makes the Opening Ceremony for an event that has already begun a bit weird.

One similar thing with Vancouver, London couldn’t decide on 1 person to light the flame either. So they used multiple people. Copout in both cases. Although unlike BC in 2010 their big contraption worked correctly. And they didn’t have someone like Wayne Gretzky in a pick up truck with the torch either. Or have an Olympic Flame surrounded by a chain link fence for a few days.


A bit of piling on but pointing out how the last Olympics started off on the wrong foot.

I give credit to Jamie Campbell of Sportsnet. At the end of the Vancouver games he was being interviewed on CTV by Rod Black. Back from my blog on that day.

“Host asked them near the end what you would remember most about these games. Jamie gave the brutally honest answer.

The face of luger who died. Jamie was at the Broadcast Centre that Friday preparing for the sports he was going to call on Saturday. He saw the crash on TV, possibly before most of us had even heard about it. Once he heard he died he admitted he broke down. Betting CTV was looking for the first Gold Medal on home soil story from Jamie. Some things are more important.

Next entry I’ll have some sports to write about.


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