June Update

Quiet month, first blog post of June.

I’ll link to 3 episodes from the radio show. One of them I haven’t put up the description of yet so I forget what was in that show myself. Tonight is a rerun from last week where I mentioned the NCRC Conference that was in town.  People from campus/community stations across Canada. Ended up being bad timing as my show aired the exact same time they had their gala dinner on Friday evening.  So I’m pretty sure none of the delegates were listening.  Thankfully I taped it ahead of time.


Open up this episode with nominee for Best Folk Recording at the ECMAs this year, Ian Foster. Followed by Matt Anderson & Mike Stevens, Matt is also up for a few East Coast Music Awards. 2 songs from Heather Thorne who is new to the program along with a couple of tracks from the new album by Rose Cousins. Wrap up the hour with Mellow Lilly, Ben Caplan & The Casual Smokers and Allison Crowe.



Music of Sloan, Nathan Wiley, Ian Foster, Air Traffic Control, Hey Rosetta!, Great Big Sea, Allison Crowe, Jay Smith, Kim Wempe, Molly Thomason, Classified and David Myles


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