April Update

Quiet on the blog lately, good reason for it with the trip to the ECMA’s coming up.  Last time I was in New Brunswick was around 1995.  So it’s been quite a while.

Getting things ironed out with the trip took up a lot of time.  Didn’t realize till a couple of weeks ago I’m traveling on Easter Monday.  I thought it be a quiet trip anyway but it could be even less busy.  Take the train to Montreal, then switch to the Ocean.  That is the overnight train that goes from Montreal to Halifax.  Moncton is a stop along the way.

Might not get time to write a blog while I’m there, I’ll have time on the train back to write something.  However I’ll update on Twitter during the week for those interested.


So as a result the next 2 radio shows are taped/reruns.  Good Friday is this week and I’m working so that will be a rerun.  Week after I’ll be in Moncton, therefore the next new episode will be mid-April after I get back.

Quickly we will get to May which is the 5 year mark of the show being on CFRC.  I’ll have to do something during that month for the half-decade anniversary.

Stay tuned for an email interview I did with Stephanie Beaumont from SeaandBeScene.com, that will be up in a day or two.

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