Better to Be Lucky Than Good

Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good. Describes a present I decided to buy. Long story.

Tonight is a New York Knicks-Toronto Raptors game. For Christmas I decided to get my sister and her boyfriend Raptors tickets. Only issue was what game to pick. Which this season is harder than usual. With the NBA Lockout the shortened season caused headaches. Unlike the NHL the NBA has always been smart about the schedule. Every team visits every other city at least once. So if you are a Raptors season ticket holder you will see every team from the Western Conference. Lakers, Mavericks, Suns, Clippers. NHL still isn’t like that, that’s how we get crazy things like only one Boston-Vancouver game in the regular season and that was in Boston. Canuck fans, sorry. Have to wait till next year to see Boston come to town.

However with the shortened season, the NBA couldn’t have each team hit each city. So when I was looking for Raptors tickets that meant quite a few Western teams weren’t coming. Clippers with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, not coming. Dallas Mavericks the NBA Champs, not on the schedule. Phoenix Suns with Steve Nash, nope. That one stung, you don’t have the best Canadian player come to Toronto? Lack of those teams coming made it harder to grab good seats for times when the Lakers or Heat came to town.

So went to Plan B and thought, what about the Knicks? Carmelo Anthony and a big market team. Only drawback was the game was tonight, on February 14th. Better known as ‘Big Business Mid Winter Money Grab’ day. But my sister was fine with that, she’s not a big fan of the day either.

With the game approaching Carmelo gets injured which seems like bad luck. January starts and the team isn’t playing well. So it ends up the Knicks are forced to start Jeremy Lin at point guard. Who has done better than expected.

“In the four games Lin started he has scored 109 points, the most by any player in his first four starts since the ABA/NBA merger in 1976.”

Jordan, Magic, Bird, Barkley, LeBron. None of them did that well? So ‘Linsanity’ has taken over New York as the media has gone into overdrive, rightfully so.  That stat is hard to believe.  And he’s doing it in the biggest market in North America.

And even some comedy in this story, he was waiting for his contract to be picked up and looking for an apartment. In the meantime he was sleeping on his brother’s couch in New York. Sounds like something I would have to do.

Why I started this post with that lucky/good comment is about me getting tickets for this game.  Getting them for a hot Knick team would be nice enough but something extra.

Lin was born in the US and of Taiwanese descent. Graduated from Harvard, which is why his great play is more surprising. Ivy League is not a hotbed for top talent. And Lin is the first Taiwanese player ever in the NBA. My sister’s boyfriend was born in Taiwan, of all places, and came over to Canada as a kid.

So now they get to see Jeremy Lin play before what is to be expected only the second sellout in Toronto this season. When it comes to me deciding to get these tickets in December, it is better to be lucky than good.

If you tune in and it seems like the crowd at the ACC is cheering New York more, that is probably because they are. If there was an NBA player from Newfoundland I’d cheer for that team against the Raptors. No question. Should be a fun game to watch on TV.  Maybe I’ll see them in the crowd.


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