Carnell Knowledge : Championship Sunday

3-1 again last weekend for a 6-2 record so far in the playoffs. Made my two choices on Friday’s night radio show but here I’ll do it in writing.

Ravens at Patriots

If a teammate criticizes the Quarterback the week of the AFC/NFC Championship game that is a bad omen. That’s what happened to the Ravens. Ed Reed talking about Joe Flacco. Add to that they barely beat the Texans who were playing their 3rd string QB.

“I think Joe was kind of rattled a little bit,” Reed said.
“I think a couple times he needed to get rid of the ball. It just didn’t look like he had a hold on the offense.”

This is not a rookie QB either, 4th year in the league. Ravens have a strange history at that position. They won the SuperBowl and cut Trent Dilfer that summer, the guy who won the game. Only Super Bowl winner ever to cut the game winning quarterback. Needless to say they’ve never been back since.

Patriots beat a not-very-good QB against Denver. Now they get another one at home. I’d say easy pickings for New England.

Giants at 49ers

Most signs point to NY winning. I have a feeling San Fran will pull it out at home though. NY beating Green Bay wasn’t much of an upset, I picked the Giants last week to do that. Didn’t pick the Niners.

This game is in San Francisco and this week it’s calling for rain and wind. Snow/cold you can deal with in football too a certain extent. Rain is a different matter.

Maybe one of the teams did what the Colts did before a playoff game on their Super Bowl season. Story from “America’s Game”, the NFL Network documentary series on Super Bowl champions.

They heard it might rain in Baltimore in their second playoff game, so Peyton Manning and the center Jeff Saturday did the wet ball drill. Dunk the balls in cold water the entire practice and spray Jeff’s hands with water as well. Saturday said he always hated doing it but in the long run it helped.

Was a forecast for rain in Miami during the week leading up to the big game.  Manning said in the episode something I’m sure a few players thought, “it never rains on Super Bowl Sunday, it hadn’t rained in 40 of them”. Except it did in Miami.

Bears had 5 turnovers that while Indy had 3. Colts win 29-17 with that last TD coming off an interception. In a close game that 2 extra turnovers were difference between winning and losing.

Put up a new episode of the podcast, a show from December. Suprisingly I still get downloads of that even though I hadn’t updated it in over a year.

A bit out of date with it being before the holidays, but once any podcast is uploaded it becomes dated.  Enjoy the day of football.


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