2012 NFL Divisional Round

Dealing with aftermath of Kingston Ice Storm 2012. When there are YouTube videos of people skating on parking lots, and streets you know it was a crazy day.

Onto this NFL weekend. Went 3-1 last week. Reading the blog again Sunday night I spend most of Steelers/Broncos talking about Pittsburgh’s injuries but wouldn’t pick Denver. Silly me.

Saints at 49ers

People talking about New Orleans playing on the road and outdoors. This is not traveling to Chicago for the NFC Championship Game a few years back. They’re going to California and forecast is a high of 16 C. No ice storm there. I see a lower scoring version of the Saints/Lions game last week. San Fran keeps it close but the Saints pull away in the end.

Broncos at Patriots

Pats opposite of Steelers last week in that they are getting healthy. Also this game is in New England not in Denver. Pats have played Denver before and beat them. Add to that having last week’s playoff game tape to watch. Seems like a bad combination for them.

Texans at Ravens

I really don’t want to pick Baltimore. Lost this season to Jaguars and Seahawks. Blown out against the Chargers. Even the first 2 weeks of the season shows what the team is like. Pound the Steelers 35-7 in Week 1. Follow that up by losing to the Titans 26-13.

The Ravens got a good match up though. Houston never in the playoffs before this season and for them I think last week’s win is as far as they go. They fed off their home crowd last week against an overwhelmed Bengals squad. Baltimore does have playoff experience which will get them through Sunday’s game.

Giants at Packers

Have to pick an upset somewhere. New York almost beat an undefeated Packers team earlier in the season. Now if they play like they did in the 1st quarter against Atlanta it might not turn out well. It was the “battle of the punts” and if they hold Green Bay’s offense at bay they have to score on their chances. Similar to Patriots/Giants SuperBowl.

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