2012 NFL Wild Card

Quick post since I am on a 1 day weekend this week.

Bengals at Texans

Bengals were 2-3 down the stretch which isn’t great. One of those games however was a 1 point loss to these same Texans.  Houston finally get into the playoffs and the Texans are limping in. 3 losses in a row. No wonder this is the early Saturday game. Get it out of the way.  I’m picking the Texans for no apparent reason. A good way to start the picks I know.

Lions at Saints

High scoring game with no defense inside the Superdome. I see Saints pulling out a win.  Not a lot of comments for this one.

Falcons at Giants

Atlanta going outdoors in New York doesn’t seem like a good scenario for the Falcons.  They do well at home but not on the road.

Steelers at Broncos

Big Ben still nowhere near 100% and there is the Ryan Clark situation. One of the more unique health stories I had heard about when it happened.

“Clark carries the sickle cell trait in his blood and when exposed to high altitude and reduced oxygen, this condition can become life-threatening. Clark learned this in 2007 when he last played in Denver. That game cost him his spleen and gallbladder, as well as a loss of 30 pounds and an end to his season. He thought he was going to die.”

Needless to say Ryan isn’t traveling to Colorado. Not being able to travel to a certain city because it would kill you is not something you hear often. I still think the Broncos don’t have enough to beat Pittsburgh.

Today is Stanley Cup Rematch between Boston and Vancouver. However almost not many people in North America will see it. In Canada you can only see it if you live on the West Coast and have Sportsnet Pacific. Even for those viewers it being a 10am Pacific start time is bad. When I saw a 1pm EST faceoff I thought it was for NBC. Wrong. Maybe NBC Sports Network [formerly Versus] was showing the game? No. It is stuck on NHL Network for our American friends. The NHL wonders why they are always the 4th place league in North America.


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