Carnell Knowledge 2011/12 NFL Week 17

Happy New Year, writing this around 3am EST on January 1st.

San Francisco at St. Louis

St. Louis approaching getting the 1st overall draft pick with the Colts waking up the last 2 weeks. Indy faces a horrible team in the Jaguars so it might happen. Back up team for the Niners should take care of the Rams.

Washington at Philadelphia

Well, I’m a Redskins fan and I’m not that interested in this game either.

Detroit at Green Bay

Both teams have clinched the playoffs so don’t see much of a game. Since they can meet up in the post season not much reason for them to go all out.

Tennessee at Houston

Houston not playing well the last few weeks, surprised they hadn’t fallen apart sooner with injuries to their quarterbacks. Titans could sneak in the playoffs, won’t be easy.

1) TEN win + CIN loss + NYJ win + OAK loss or tie
2) TEN win + CIN loss + NYJ win + DEN loss or tie
3) TEN win + CIN loss + NYJ loss or tie + OAK win + DEN win

Indianapolis at Jacksonville

Sure it be better for Indy to lose, only problem is the Jags are worse.

N.Y. Jets at Miami

I watched Giants/Jets last week. What a weird game. Sloppy play from both sides.

Chicago at Minnesota

They beat the Skins with Adrian Peterson tearing his ACL and having to go to Joe Webb as QB.

Buffalo at New England

Buffalo ended their long losing streak against the Broncos. Too little too late this year.

Carolina at New Orleans

Drew Brees already has broken Dan Marino’s passing record so I can’t see him playing a full game.

Tampa Bay at Atlanta

Bucs stink.

Baltimore at Cincinnati

Bengals win and they are in. They have more to play for. They could lose and still get in if Jets and Raiders lose or Jets and Broncos losses.

Pittsburgh at Cleveland

Steelers could end up the Number 1 seed in the AFC by the end of Sunday. A win and have Ravens and Patriots lose.

Seattle at Arizona

Neither team can get in.

Kansas City at Denver

Denver’s easiest way is a victory. If Oakland loses they are in no matter what.

San Diego at Oakland

Oakland has 2 routes to get in. AFC West Champs or Wild Card. Division championship needs an Oakland win and a Denver loss. Wild Card looks like this.

1) OAK win + CIN loss + TEN loss or tie
2) OAK win + CIN loss + NYJ win

Dallas at N.Y. Giants 8:30 pm NBC

The big game of the day. Primetime on NBC. And the easiest scenario. Giants win they are in the playoffs, lose they are not. Same thing for the Cowboys. If there is a tie [that be funny] then NY is in.


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