Carnell Knowledge : NFL Week 14

Shorter than usual, didn’t start writing till Sunday morning. Tomorrow a blog with a link to Friday’s episode.  Going to try and get that going again where I upload each week’s show.

Indianapolis at Baltimore

Winless Colts against the Ravens. Nuff said.

New England at Washington

Redskins defense holds up for a quarter or two but Pats will break through with an easy win. Like the Pats/Chiefs Monday night game from last month.

New Orleans at Tennessee

Saints on the road could be an issue depending on weather. Titans running game is finally back. Not enough to beat New Orleans.

Kansas City at N.Y. Jets

Jets on another ‘we need to win’ game. Especially since the Wildcard tiebreak is your AFC Record and the Jets are near the bottom in that. Loss to Denver a couple of weeks back hurt that.

Philadelphia at Miami

Eagles who are done, and Miami who have battled back after a horrible start.

Tampa Bay at Jacksonville


Atlanta at Carolina

If Carolina’s defense was better I’d pick them here.

Houston at Cincinnati

Houston can win no matter who is their quarterback apparently.

Minnesota at Detroit

I can see the Lions having some more stupid penalties. Not enough to pick the Vikings.

Chicago at Denver

Bears can’t win with a bad QB.

San Francisco at Arizona

Arizona beat the Cowboys, although Dallas really beat themselves. 49ers with another win.

Oakland at Green Bay

Undefeated streak to continue.

Buffalo at San Diego

Bills playing better last couple of weeks yet keep losing.

Sunday Night, N.Y. Giants at Dallas

I have no clue who will win this. Giants put up a good fight against Green Bay. But NY has still lost 4 in a row. Dallas had a great game against New England and 2 weeks later Philly beat them by 28 points.

Monday Night, St. Louis at Seattle

One of the worst Monday Night games in a while.


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