Carnell Knowledge : NFL Week 13

After writing every day in November this one will go by quickly.

Tennessee at Buffalo

Bills run during the first 6 weeks was fun. Long gone lately.

Indianapolis at New England

Patriots currently a 21 point favourite over Indy. If Brady played a whole game they could win by that much. However might as well put in the backups during the 2nd half.

Denver at Minnesota

Denver’s defense and running game can beat the Vikings.

N.Y. Jets at Washington

Jets need this win again like last week. Might as well beat my Redskins.

Carolina at Tampa Bay

Divsion rivals and even though Carolina has a horrible defense I’ll go with them.

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh

I saw the Steelers barely handle the Chiefs on Sunday night. However they did beat a bad team. Ravens keep dropping the ball on that this season.

Kansas City at Chicago

Battle of QB’s who are starting because of injuries to the main guys. Which one will screw up less?

Atlanta at Houston

Mentioning injuries to QB’s, the Houston Texans. Matt Schaub is out so you go to the backup Leinart, who then breaks his collarbone. They might adjust in a week or two.

Oakland at Miami

Dolphins were leading the Cowboys on Thanksgiving at the end. That was on the road, Miami just ended their long home losing streak.

Baltimore at Cleveland

I know Baltimore has laid some eggs this year against the likes of the Chiefs on Monday night and the Seahawks. If they can’t handle a bad division rival then they really have problems.

Green Bay at N.Y. Giants

Undefeated GB against a team that got spanked by the Saints.

Dallas at Arizona

Might as well go with another Dallas win.

St. Louis at San Francisco

This could be ugly.

Detroit at New Orleans 8 pm NBC

Detroit’s first NBC appearance since they got the Sunday Night package. So last time the Lions were on NBC would be the 1990’s.

Monday night, San Diego at Jacksonville

San Diego, can’t beat a Denver team with a quarterback who can’t throw. And they had almost 15 minutes of overtime as well and couldn’t do it. Can Jaguars bounce back after firing the coach and the owner announcing he is selling the team? Maybe, I just can’t pick them.


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