NaBloPoMo Day 30 : Trip to ECMA 2012

The end of the NaBloPoMo with a blog post everday in November. I still don’t know how I wrote every day. Start off with the news involving a trip I should be making in April.

Things coming along as planned but with life you never know when something strange comes up. Just the last week in sports shows me that. The Houston Texans and their horrible luck. Never made the playoffs and on a roll this season. Starting QB goes down to injury. That is why you have a backup QB in Matt Leinart in case this happens. Who in his first game breaks his collarbone and is also out for the season. That’s almost comical bad luck. Going to the third string quarterback with playoffs a month away. I will cross my fingers that kind of luck doesn’t happen to me in the new year.

The trip would be going to ECMA Week in Moncton this coming April. Begins on Wednesday April 11th and wraps up with the East Coast Music Awards that Sunday night. How this came to be was an online survey of all things. After a couple of years of doing the show I joined the East Coast Music Association. Been able to vote on the awards and we got an email asking if we would partake in an online survey. I thought “of course”. There was something about a draw for a grand prize awarded to those of us who would fill it out. Honestly, I would have filled it out anyway. How often do you think you will really win a prize in a draw? If you are like me not often. So I filled it out and didn’t think about the prize aferwards.

Get an email a couple of months ago that I won it. Part of it was two compilation CD’s arrived at my door which I have played on the show. The other part of the prize is a Delegate Pass to ECMA Week in 2012. Which means I get into everything during ECMA Week. Should be a fun week. I’m thankful ECMA’s got moved from February to April last year. Makes it easier on people like me who will be traveling.

So in the New Year I should have a lot more updates as things get closer. Usual thing for today is NFL picks, just doing Thursday’s game in this post. Picking Seahawks over the Eagles, in a game most of you can skip.

Thus ends the month of blogging every single day. Can’t see many people checking in every single day but now you can go back and read the entire month’s worth of posts. Some long, some not so much.

Back in live on Friday night with the radio show, might be first live episode in almost a month. I will be in town over the holidays so expect new episodes the rest of the year. Which is only 5 episodes. 2012 is sneaking up on me.  Lot of new music on Friday since I’m backed up with things I’ve gotten in November.  Will make for some easy shows the next few weeks as I catch up.

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