NaBloPoMo Day 29 : LA Jaguars

Jaguars fire their coach and in the same day announce they are being sold to Illinois businessman Shahid Khan. Now they say right now the team will stay in Jacksonville. Which is lip service. Price will be between $750-800 Million. For a team that has to tarp off seats because fans aren’t buying them. Nobody in the long term think it’s going to stay there. Monday Night Football is there this week and they still need to sell 9000 tickets to avoid a blackout.

The city is a small market team so a guy from Illinois is going to pay $800 Million to be in a bad market? Nope.

Goes back to an earlier blog I wrote. They had a chance to draft Tim Tebow who played for Florida and was already a star in the area. They passed on him. Which I thought was dumb purely because he would sell tickets and merchandise right off the bat. I didn’t know if he’d be good or not but purely from a revenue standpoint it was the move to make.

Team kept this coach around way too long which was another sign of bad management. 9 years, no winning record in the last 4 seasons and Jack Del Rio fired 19 assistants in that time. Better known as ‘blaming others’.

As ProFootballTalk pointed out this same team put out a statement that the owner was not selling the team, this month! Don’t trust anything they say.

By the end of this decade I expect the LA Jaguars to be around.  As people pointed out this was a strange place to expand to in the first place.  Remember at the time Baltimore did not have a team.  Now it could have worked out in Jacksonville, it just hasn’t. Time to move on.


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