NaBloPoMo Day 26 : NFL Picks

Houston at Jacksonville

Houston has Matt Leinart as QB for the rest of the season. Might not be as bad a drop off as it could be. Houston defense playing well and they have a running game.

Carolina at Indianapolis

Colts chance to get their only win of the season? Could be. I still see Carolina winning. Rookie QB’s can have bad weeks though. That is Indy’s hope.

Cleveland at Cincinnati

Browns are a bad team so easy pick here.

Minnesota at Atlanta

Atlanta needs a win to keep pace in the NFC. Minnesota is without Adrian Peterson as well this week.

Buffalo at N.Y. Jets

Jets really need to win this game to keep their playoff hopes alive. Bills have fallen apart.

Tampa Bay at Tennessee

Not an ideal choice either way. Depends which version of these teams show up.

Arizona at St. Louis

Cardinals doing better without Kevin Kolb, not a surprise. Said earlier in the season that was a horrible choice by Arizona to trade for him. He hadn’t started a lot of games.

Chicago at Oakland

Another QB out with an injury, Cutler out for regular season at least.

Washington at Seattle

Redskins put up a fight against Dallas and still lost.

Denver at San Diego

The AFC West is bad all around.

New England at Philadelphia

Vince Young starting again for Philly. Patriots should handle them.

Pittsburgh at Kansas City

Chiefs on Monday night last week and Sunday night this week. This is time of year NBC could change the game but I think there wasn’t much to pick from. Best games scheduled were on Thanksgiving.

N.Y. Giants at New Orleans

New Orleans at home to squeak out a win over the G-Men.

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