NaBloPoMo Day 25 : Double Overtime

That game ended up being quite entertaining. McMaster beat Laval in double overtime to win their first Vanier cup. Had to work tonight so saw most of the 2nd half and Overtime when I wasn’t doing things.

Mac took a 23-0 lead at the half and then Laval clawed their way back to take a 24-23 lead. Exchanged touchdowns [one with a 2 point convert] to have the game tied. The Mauraders had a last second FG to win but it failed. So they went to overtime. Which has a US College format. Each team gets the ball so it’s not ‘sudden death’ overtime rules. Both teams got a touchdown.

Next series Laval threw an interception. Mac marched down for a game winning field goal and this time kicker Tyler Crapigna nailed it for the school’s first Vanier Cup Championship. Make the final 41-38 McMaster in double OT.

And the NBA/NBAPA came to their senses overnight.  Hardly anything good comes across at 3am when I’m at work.  News of the earthquake in Japan comes to mind.  Yet, there I am at work and the news of a settlement came across Twitter at that hour.  Looks like they’ll try and get games starting on Christmas Day.  Which is really when fans start paying attention anyway.  You’d think this might teach them ‘why don’t we shorten the season and start it later’ but we know that will not happen.  Baseball way too many games to deal with, football at 16 is a perfect amount.  Hockey/Basketball at being over 80 a season is too much.  You could possibly see every game of your team in the NHL or NBA in a season, however it would be almost like ‘work’.  Do you really have to see game #39 of your team?  Probably not.


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