NaBloPoMo Day 24

Rerun tonight of the radio show, I promise next week things are back to normal. Weird time with schedule changes at work, trip to Toronto and a dental appointment on Thursday morning as well all threw a wrench into things. Writing this at work where I began a 7 night stretch.

Vanier Cup tonight at 8:30pm EST. Should be a nice turnout, from Globe and Mail.

“… organizers said Wednesday fewer than 1,000 tickets remain for sale following the release of tickets held by the teams. Only the lower bowl of the stadium will be used.”

TSN Sportscentre had a story on Thursday night’s show about the game. Good to see. Now we do have to point out there was ZERO NHL games that night. So the hour long SC had a lot of filler tonight. Plenty of room for stories that wouldn’t get as much time on other nights. 3 NFL games and a lot of talking segments. Even showed one of the Ottawa Senators doing a weather segment on local Ottawa news in front of the green screen. Definition of filler on a quiet sports night.

Kudos to TSN for showing video of the roof at BC Place leaking on Thursday. Would’ve been easy to sweep that under the rug but they did show that little problem. Roof is closed and will be for Sunday’s Grey Cup. From Bob Mackin a columnist/blogger in Vancouver.

B.C. Place Stadium’s roof is leaking again.

Yes, the centrepiece of the $563 million renovation. A tent was covering a painted logo on the Polytan Ligaturf field near section 18 on Thursday, as Vancouver was battered by heavy rain and heavy winds.

Grey Cup Committee general manager Scott Ackles told me Tuesday that the roof is most likely to be closed on game day, even if the weather is immaculate. TSN wants consistent lighting and the halftime show producer Patrick Roberge wants a controlled atmosphere. It is ultimately the CFL’s call.

Not a fan of “indoor” Canadian Football, always seems like something is missing.



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