NaBloPoMo Day 21 : Vanier Cup on Friday

Vanier Cup set for Friday night, Laval vs McMaster. Mac hasn’t been in this game since 1967. On the weekend I mentioned if BC were to get into the Grey Cup then the CIS was going to get overshadowed. Hometown Lions in the Grey Cup is going to get the vast majority of the media attention.  Completely understandable.

Too bad for the guys who play for the Rouge et Or and the Marauders. Could have had Tiger-Cats and Mac in the championships game which would have been fun. Big amount of Hamilton fans would’ve been coming out west. Still will have McMaster alumni coming.  Not same numbers at Ti-Cats.

Mac is in tough, Laval has been to 6 Vanier Cups and are 6-0. Three stories on the teams.

They have sold thousands of tickets to the Vanier Cup.  Now as anyone who has been to Frontenacs home games know how many tickets were ‘sold’ and amount of people who show up is quite different.


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