NaBloPoMo Day 20 : Lockout

NBA lockout continues. I was following the NFL lockout off and on during the spring/summer. NBA not really. I’ve thought they will not have a season at all so didn’t bother getting invested in reading all the news.

When the NHL lost their season it was Owners vs Players. League wanted a salary cap, to break the union and hopefully for them get rid of Bob Goodenow. They accomplished those things. But as usual in the long run the owners outsmarted themselves. Salaries are still high and tieing the salary cap/floor to revenues has hurt teams. Not the high end ones. Toronto and New York enjoy not having to spend extra money on salaries. They maximum amount means they make more money then they did before the lockout. However the problem is the floor or the minimum. Currently the floor is the same amount the salary cap was when it started in 2005. So even if your market doesn’t care about hockey [Phoenix, Florida] they have to spend $48 Million on salaries. That amount has risen 125% over 7 years. Damn. NHL’s deal ends next summer, so in 2012 we’ll have all this labour news all over again. Thrilling.

This is the the story for basketball/hockey. They get systems they want and then they all find ways to go around that system to overpay players. So a few years later we get another labour fight to try and fix what the owners screwed up in the first place. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Big loss is casual fans which made up a lot of last year’s growth. I tried out the NBA Broadband Pass where you can watch almost all NBA games live on the computer. Raptors were blacked out during their telecasts, then would be available to see once the game ended. Was an amazingly well done service. Can’t see signing up for that when they come back. Not going to reward them for screwing up a season. And the best example of causal fans was my Mom. She never watched much basketball even when Michael Jordan was around. Last season she watched some of the NBA Finals because she really didn’t like Miami. Wanted Dallas to win that much.

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