NaBloPoMo Day 16 : Carnell Knowledge/NFL Picks

Hope to bounce back after an average record last weekend. Weekly NFL picks, early with Thursday Night Football between NY and Denver tonight.

Thursday, NY Jets 5-4 (Road: 1-3) at Denver 4-5 (Home: 1-3)

Broncos are winning with defense and their running game. QB can’t throw and even the coach says that. John Fox said this past week if they were running a normal system “he’d be screwed”. There is a vote of confidence for a quarterback. Now this offense can work in the short term. Miami and the Wildcat did too. Having something other teams haven’t seen used is such a surprise it takes a few weeks to figure out what to do. However, once the gimmick gets solved by a defense then you wasted a lot of time and are stuck where you started before you did the radical change. A bad offense.

Look at Miami. 1-15 one season and Tony Sparano came in as coach. They brought the Wildcat in and it worked for a bit. However here we are with that coach being fired at the end of the year since they are 2-7 now. Short term solution which didn’t help in the long run.

Jets should win this game but Denver’s offense is screwy and you never know.

Oakland 5-4 (Road: 3-1) at Minnesota 2-7 (Home: 1-3)

Carson Palmer woke up last week. Now they get to travel to Minnesota and play a bad Vikings squad.

Buffalo 5-4 (Road: 1-3) at Miami 2-7 (Home: 1-3)

Buffalo’s nice story has changed now. Beat soundly by the Jets and Cowboys. Almost picked Miami to beat my Redskins last week. Should have. That ends Miami’s home losing streak, which ironically should make it easier for Buffalo to win.

Cincinnati 6-3 (Road: 4-1) at Baltimore 6-3 (Home: 4-0)

Ravens, I give up. One maddening team to try and figure out. Beat the Steelers twice but lose to Seattle last week. And that atrocious Monday Night game against Kansas City.

Jacksonville 3-6 (Road: 1-4) at Cleveland 3-6 (Home: 2-3)

Battle of two really bad teams. Don’t be fooled. Miami is 2-7 but I would put them ahead of these two squads.

Dallas 5-4 (Road: 1-3) at Washington 3-6 (Home: 2-2)

Wore my Redskins jacket in Toronto on the weekend. No comments till I was leaving Monday morning. Down the elevator in the hotel and talking to 2 guys about football. Both liked the jacket and talked about Skins falling apart. One of them had money on the Bills so he said he had a bad Sunday as well.

Watch out for Dallas. Mainly since their schedule is soft for the next 3 weeks. Skins, Dolphins and Cardinals. And remember next week is US Thanksgiving. So after this Sunday they host Miami on Thursday afternoon, get 10 days off and visit Arizona. Where there is always a huge amount of Cowboy fans. Last 4 games are Giants, Bucs, Eagles and Giants again.

Tampa Bay 4-5 (Road: 1-2) at Green Bay 9-0 (Home: 4-0)

Should I write more than a sentence on this?

Carolina 2-7 (Road: 0-3) at Detroit 6-3 (Home: 2-2)

I saw the second half of Lions/Bears. Ugh. Detroit better handle their business on Sunday. Like Dallas a short week, but they get the Packers on Thanksgiving. Following week a road game against the Saints.

Arizona 3-6 (Road: 1-4) at San Francisco 8-1 (Home: 4-1)

The nearly undefeated 49ers. One loss was that Tony Romo comeback with injured ribs.

Seattle 3-6 (Road: 1-4) at St. Louis 2-7 (Home: 1-3)

Seattle not a good team. Then you remember they beat the Giants and the Ravens. And Rams knocked off New Orleans too.

San Diego 4-5 (Road: 1-3) at Chicago 6-3 (Home: 4-1)

Chargers falling apart. Bears pulling it together with running the ball more and not relying on Jay Cutler so much. 37-13 score however Cutler only threw it 20 times and they had 19 rushing attempts. 6 turnovers by the Lions was the cause of the blowout.

Tennessee 5-4 (Road: 2-2) at Atlanta 5-4 (Home: 2-2)

Got Saints/Falcons wrong. Overtime game so could’ve went either way. Should bounce back against the Titans.

Philadelphia 3-6 (Road: 2-2) at NY Giants 6-3 (Home: 3-1)

Vick has broken ribs and even if he was healthy I’d pick New York.

Monday, Kansas City 4-5 (Road: 2-2) at New England 6-3 (Home: 3-1)

Matt Cassel had surgery on his hand and is out for possibly the rest of the season. Taking over will be Tyler Palko….. no clue where he’s from so I have to search. A second year player out of Pittsburgh. Doesn’t make for a good Monday Night game.


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