NaBloPoMo Day 15 : Halfway Mark

Halfway through the month of November, time flying by.  Surprised myself by keeping up the daily posts.  Especially when in Toronto.

Yesterday a long post with my tangent on traveling from Kingston. Tomorrow NFL picks will pop up since Thursday Night Football. Might eventually just pick Thursday Night’s contest on Twitter then post the rest of the picks on Saturday/Sunday. Save me a couple of days writing about the games. And a better idea of injury reports and the like.

This week the major injuries are already known. Houston’s Matt Schaub out for the season and Leinart will take over as QB. Even during a season without Peyton Manning the Texans have something like this come up. If it wasn’t for bad luck they’d have no luck at all. Meanwhile the first season Indy has to deal with Manning suffering any type of injury they’ll get to pick Andrew Luck as 1st overall to replace Peyton. That’s dumb luck, no pun intended.

As per Holly Horton’s Twitter her return to TSN SportsCentre is earlier than expected. Later today at 6pm and on Friday at the same time.

Friday is my birthday by the way.  Planning on taping the radio show for that night, I work Thursday night at 11pm so I’ll be sleeping most of my birthday. Had to tweak my schedule to make the trip to Toronto last weekend. Probably re-air the interview with Sora as she’s the singer I saw in Toronto.  Also got some music from the other artist who was there harpist, Sharlene Wallace.

Who has a connection with Kingston.  She’s played with the Kingston Symphony before.  So I mentioned ‘Conductor’s Corner’ which was a classical music show on the station hosted by someone from the Symphony and Sharlene knows Doug personally.

When I talked to her I didn’t know the show had just left CFRC and moved to online only.  My show changed in September as well [from 2 hours to 1] so I am catching up on all the changes.

And on the last radio episode they mentioned the interview with Sharlene.

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