NaBloPoMo Day 12 : UFC

There are 2 versions of last night’s UFC to talk about. Fox and the international feed. Didn’t know Sportsnet had the other feed till partway through the hour.

Fox only had 1 fight and more importantly no clips of the other fights on the card. If you saw Fox you probably didn’t know there was an undercard. Which might’ve been fine if the main event hadn’t lasted 64 seconds. And this was the network decision.

International feed I saw showed Guida-Henderson which went 3 rounds. Some MMA people said that was best fight of the year so far. So nobody in the US watching saw it. They’ll fix that for future shows I’m sure. Make it a 2 hour broadcast and you have room for everything.

Off for now. Concert this afternoon then crash at hotel to watch football. And typing this on an iPod touch so not like I can write a very long post. Nfl picks were made a few days ago for those looking for that.


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