NaBloPoMo Day 10 : End of Busy Week

Rerun for the show tonight after a long week.  Worked six in a row which began with last Saturday.  Queen’s Football game, stayed downtown for 3 hours then worked 9 hour shift.  Going to Toronto for the weekend.  Come back on Monday and work that night at 11pm.  So I will attempt to keep up the daily posts on the weekend.  But not 100% on that.  If so they will be quite short.

As for yesterday’s post it was Holly Horton’s Birthday.  Confirmed it on Twitter.  So that worked out well.

@robertcarnell Wow, yes it is and thank you. Thanks also for that awesome blog posting. And happy early birthday to you too!

As for what I’m doing on the weekend I’m seeing Sora on Sunday afternoon. Interviewed her for the show before and she’s coming in for a show. Those in the Toronto area can check it out.

Gallery 345 + Sharlene Wallace + Sora = an intimate afternoon of original and folkloric music, musings and myth

November 13th 3:00pm
Tickets: $20
Venue: Gallery 345
345 Sorauren Avenue

Contact: Sharlene Wallace

It is also Remembrance Day today. Since I’m an Army Brat this day doesn’t sneak up on me. Thought I’d remind all the readers it is.

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