NaBloPoMo Day 9 : Weekend Changes

National Blog Posting Month continues. With my NFL picks out yesterday, continuing the daily blog posts for November. With time on my hands on a quiet midnight shift this week. This could be good timing with this person’s birthday being today, if Wikipedia is correct. Which you should always take with a grain of salt.

Since I work late nights and on the weekends I catch the late SportsCentre. Used to be the ‘2am SC [SportsCentre]’ but they recently pushed it up an hour to 1am/10pm Pacific most likely to be earlier on the West Coast. It is the same show you see on the Morning Loop on TSN.

This past Saturday/Sunday was the first weekend without Holly Horton in the anchor chair. She mentioned it on Twitter that Sunday night that she’s stepping back from full time. Myself and a few others retweeted it [that is a verb these days]. Also did it Monday morning which was Halloween for those who aren’t night owls and might’ve missed the news.

My last weekend shift doing the double-double with @bryanmudryk. Taking a step back, leaving full-time, doing the occasional freelance…Thank you to all my wonderful tweeps. I so love interacting with all of you. I’ll be seeing you 😉 #tsn


Double Double = Saturday/Sunday shift. Guessing Holly or Bryan came up with that and it stuck. Or maybe someone on the crew.

Not the first time the TSN gang has come up on the blog. Holly, Bryan and others appeared last December. “Which is longer, the bio of Mike Shanahan on the Redskins website or all of the TSN Sportscentre anchors combined?” Answer was of course, Mike’s. More words than when I put together all of the bios from the TSN website. If you thought he was full of himself you are correct.

When it comes to SportsCentre on overnight/mornings for those with a keen eye they shoot 2 different endings to the program. One you see vast majority of the time is the one where they say ‘good morning’ and introduce the top of the hour for those watching on the loop. I get home from work around 7:50am so I can see end of that hour then the show starts again at 8am. And that repeats throughout the morning.

The 2nd ending is the last show of the loop which a lot of people might not know about. Since it doesn’t lead into another episode of SC they shoot a different ending of the anchors wrapping up the show and signing off. During the week this doesn’t air till noon hour. Sunday mornings if you watch that might be the one time you see the ‘other ending’ since they have early morning programming with ‘The Reporters’ and ‘NFL Countdown’.

Also with those 2 endings I mentioned if you did watch the Morning Loop on October 31st you wouldn’t have known it was Holly’s last day at the end. Since the ending for the morning she just said Happy Halloween at the end. However, if you caught the last airing then Bryan and Holly did talk about it being their last SC together after 6 years.

Good luck to Holly and Happy Birthday as well if it is today. As I was writing this piece, I found a more reliable source of information on her. A Bell Media Press Release from 2004 on her joining TSN. I know, the Bell site keeps press releases from ’04? Since it helps me in this blog post I’m glad they did.

July 9, 2004

Holly Horton Joins SportsCentre as Toronto Anchor and Reporter

TORONTO (July 9, 2004) – TSN announced today the addition of Holly Horton as a new Toronto anchor and reporter for SportsCentre, the network’s flagship news and information program.

A native of Scarborough, Ont., Horton will make her SportsCentre debut on Friday, July 16. Horton’s responsibilities include anchoring the 2 a.m. ET weekend editions of the program, as well as reporting on sports stories from around the Toronto area.

Prior to joining TSN, Horton spent two years as sports director and sports anchor for Global Television in Lethbridge, Alta. (2002-2004).

And it does confirm she went to Western, “She also has a degree in Psychology from the University of Western Ontario.” Wonder if she’s thought about the psychological problems of some people on Twitter….. probably. Friends of the blog Toni Marie Wiseman and Jody Vance are on Twitter so I’m sure they’ve dealt with some strange posts.

Since my radio show is on Queen’s campus we have to mention the Queen’s/Western rivalry. Luckily I only do a show on campus, never went to university. I’d rather Queen’s win since I work on the football broadcasts but doesn’t have same connection to me as Bruins/Habs.  Yates Cup on Saturday is Western vs McMaster.  Mac beat Queen’s last Saturday so doesn’t matter much to me who wins.

I haven’t forgotten about Bryan Mudryk who joined her on weekends the last few years. Holly/Bryan made a great team on the weekend. My powers of internet Googling [again with strange words] found this article from September of 2004 when Bryan joined the channel. Didn’t know Bryan and Onrait are from the same place. Oh and the Leafs comment is funny.


‘Muddy’ flows east : Mudryk latest in a steady stream of Edmonton sportscasters to land in T.O.
By DAVE CAMERON — Edmonton Sun

He’s changed his address. He won’t be changing his stripes.

Bryan Mudryk may be among the latest sportscasters to be scooped from the Wild West of Edmonton to the Big Smoke of Toronto, but he promises he will never come back wearing a Mats Sundin sweater.

“I definitely won’t become a Leafs fan, I can tell you that much. I think I would get kicked out of my family. They warned me before I left: I come home a Leafs fan I’m out of the will,” laughed Mudryk, days after making his move from CFRN to TSN.

The 27-year-old has hit the ground running, anchoring SportsCentre on the weekends while living out of a hotel room, but he isn’t feeling like the little fish about to get swallowed up in the big pond.

He already made that jump. The kid from Boyle entered broadcast school at NAIT and moved to Edmonton at age 19. After stints in Lloydminster (“I did everything – anchor, weather, whatever.” And? “Oh yeah, the hog reports!”) and at A-Channel in Winnipeg, Mudryk landed back in the Big E.

“It was awesome working for CTV for the four years. I grew up watching that station. To be able to go back and work there was great. I’ll always be an Albertan at heart. That’s home but this is an amazing opportunity.

“Edmonton’s an outstanding sports town,” Mudryk said, trying to reason why this has become something of a farm team for the national sports networks. “(Fellow TSNer) Jay Onrait, him and I actually grew up in Boyle together. So it’s kind of neat that we’re back together.”

Besides the weekend anchor spot alongside Holly Horton that has him getting home – when he finds one – at 3 a.m., Mudryk will be doing assignments during the week. Which is how he got his rookie hazing.

“I walked in and the assignment guy was like, ‘Muddy, I hate to break it to you, but we’ve got a shoot for you at 10 a.m. Monday morning.’

“I said, ‘You’re messing with me, right?’ Like it was a big joke. ‘No seriously, you’re messing with me, right?’

“So I had a shoot the next morning. Four hours of sleep and back reporting. But I love it. It’s all good.”

From house hunting to going from eight-minute on-air segments to a 90-minute SportCentre, he’s learning his new environment from scratch.

“It’s the centre of the universe, apparently! This I know. But not much at all, to be honest.

“I know the traffic sucks.”

And nobody drives a pickup unless there’s a business logo on the doors.

“Yeah, it looked kind of funny when I was driving my tractor down the 401 the other day.”

But he’s already scheduled to be back home.

“I had Hodgkin’s (disease) when I was 17 and I had a relapse when I was 19. I was treated at the Cross Cancer Institute, but I’ve been doing a golf tournament back in Boyle every year for the last three years. And I’m still going to be flying home every year to do that. It’ll be June 24. We raise money for Cross.

“I said (to TSN), ‘I want to keep this going.’ And they said, ‘Absolutely. No worries.’

“So I’ll be back for that.”

But not wearing a Leafs sweater.

Now can I find an interview with Holly? Yes, I can. I told you it was a quiet week at work so after some searching I came across this. One for a column in Metro News from 2006 called “Celeb Beauty and Kitchens”. Thinking they’ll find it amusing I found it.  And contains good gift ideas.


Holly Horton, co-host of SportsCentre, TSN’s flagship news and information program:

Q: What products make you look and feel good?

A: I am a product junkie! I’m always looking for that miracle product. I use Vaseline Intensive Care for my body. I’ve been using Vichy products for my face. I use Nivea Refreshing Cleansing Gel as a cleanser and to take off makeup from the broadcasts. Once a week, I use L’Oréal’s Refinish Microdermabrasion to buff up my skin.

Q: Describe your style?

A: I like to think I strike a balance between following fashion trends and sticking to timeless, classic pieces. I like clean lines, especially for on air suits, and I love colour.

Q: How do you keep life in perspective?

A: Life can change on a dime so I try very hard not to take things for granted. My family and friends are the most important to me and they keep me grounded. My golden retriever is an amazing daily reminder to find joy in small things!

Q: How do you stay fit?

A: I’m a person who actually likes going to the gym. I recently had some sessions with a personal trainer and he stressed the value of doing exercises that benefit the entire body all at once.

Q: What are your healthy eating habits?

A: I try to stay informed about what to eat. I try to buy healthy options and I read a lot of labels. I try to eat every few hours and have protein at every meal.


That’s it for today. Never could confirm if it’s her birthday, however I’m sure we’ll find out through Twitter when I mention it. My birthday is next week so good luck to a fellow Scorpio. And she’s back in on SportsCentre on December 3rd and 4th. Bryan still in on the weekends which I’ll be watching during the cold months at work when it’s 4am on a Sunday morning. [If you ever work that hour you will know how quiet it is]

End with a quote I found online from a viewer while searching.

“Holly Horton is total pro, the best one they’ve got”


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