Carnell Knowledge 2011 : NFL Week 10

10 right last week. Picking Baltimore and Chicago on the road in night games worked out.

NFL picks, do I do all of them before Thursday? This week I will. And this looks like the toughest week to pick games so far this season. Once you see the matchups you will know what I mean. AFC West battle each other this week, might as well flip a coin. None of them are over .500 so who knows what those games will be like.

Oakland (4-4, Road: 2-1) at San Diego (4-4, Home: 3-1)

Oakland let Tebow run for 118 yards and Willis McGahee for 163. One of the more dumb gameplans I can remember. Do we stop the run and force Tebow to throw it? Nahhh. He only completed 10 of 21 passes but won since the Broncos ran over Oakland. And Carson Palmer looks like he’s still on the couch. Whole division doesn’t know what they are from week to week. Chiefs, Broncos and Chargers. San Diego scored a lot against Green Bay so they should be able to beat the Raiders, maybe.

Denver (3-5, Road: 2-2) at Kansas City (4-4, Home: 2-2)

I could start 0-2 with these 2 games. Chiefs or Broncos, I can’t pick a tie. I’ll go with KC.

Jacksonville (2-6, Road: 0-4) at Indianapolis (0-9, Home: 0-4)

Not sure how many games Indy has a chance to win this year. That team has quit. Can’t see Caldwell keeping his job. There is playing bad and there is not trying at home. Colts are at the latter right now. If they show up they can beat the Jags, just don’t see it. He’s not a good coach anyway. There is an idea which I’ve subscribed to about coaches. Going from a great coach to an average/bad coach doesn’t show up the first season or even the second sometimes. It’s that 3rd year where it goes downhill. Players who were coached by a great guy can keep new ones accountable for 1-2 seasons. Then it starts to slip away.

After Dungy left the Colts, they get to a SuperBowl under Caldwell. Next season lose in the playoffs. This year without Manning and they collapse. Which just sped things up. Even Peyton couldn’t have brought these guys to 1st place.

Buffalo (5-3, Road: 1-2) at Dallas (4-4, Home: 3-1)

Buffalo beat Washington so why not another NFC East team.

New Orleans (6-3, Road: 2-3) at Atlanta (5-3, Home: 2-1)

Atlanta started off slowly. Wasn’t running the ball as often then realized ‘didn’t we win with more balanced attack’? Light bulb came on.

Houston (6-3, Road: 2-2) at Tampa Bay (4-4, Home: 3-2)

Houston looking more like a good team. They beat a bad team last week, which they used to trip over. And the Texans have the number 1 defense in the league right now. Hard to believe.

St. Louis (1-7, Road: 0-4) at Cleveland (3-5, Home: 2-2)

Talking about bad teams. Couple of weeks ago on the ESPN Football Today podcast Matt Williamson called the Browns the worst 3-3 team ever. Wins over other horrible/bad teams. Beat the Colts, Dolphins and a 6-3 win over Seattle. Which has been called one of the worst games in a long time for those who saw that. Rams are bad because they got hit with a lot of injuries and are a young team without depth. Their win over the Saints trumps anything the Browns have done.

Pittsburgh (6-3, Road: 2-2) at Cincinnati (6-2, Home: 2-1)

Case where if Pittsburgh had won I think the Bengals could have snuck up on them. After getting swept by Baltimore in the season series they should be focused on Cincinnati. Especially with them having the same record. Bengals put up a fight and lose a close one.

Washington (3-5, Road: 1-3) at Miami (1-7, Home: 0-3)

Want to pick Miami. Can’t do it. They got their 1st win last week and that might tide them over for several weeks. And they still have that LONG home losing streak. 10 in a row.

Tennessee (4-4, Road: 1-2) at Carolina (2-6, Home: 2-3)

Does a bye week for a rookie QB help that much? Carson Palmer looked horrible last week and he’s been around for a few years. Cam Newton might be better to play week after week. Remember bye weeks now mandate players get 4 days off in a row from doing anything. Good for rest, not so good when you are a 1st year player trying to learn. This season’s record of teams after a bye week isn’t as good as it used to be for this reason. You get sluggish.

Arizona (2-6, Road: 0-4) at Philadelphia (3-5, Home: 1-3)

I think I did say I’d pick against the Eagles for a few weeks. Which I did. However this is Arizona we’re talking about.

Baltimore (6-2, Road: 2-2) at Seattle (2-6, Home: 1-2)

Celebrating beating Pittsburgh too much and have to fly across country to play in one of the loudest stadiums in the league. Could be a trap game. If Seattle was a little bit better I’d pick them. And Ravens record is same as Steelers/Bengals so they should keep that in mind.

NY Giants (6-2, Road: 3-1) at San Francisco (7-1, Home: 3-1)

Giants upsetting New England, again. This week though a great defense in San Fran.

Detroit (6-2, Road: 4-0) at Chicago (5-3, Home: 3-1)

Chicago on a short week after beating Philly on the road.

New England (5-3, Road: 2-2) at NY Jets (5-3, Home: 4-0)

OK, New England lost 2 in a row but they never lose 3. Or so I hope with this pick.

Monday November 14, 2011

Minnesota (2-6, Road: 1-3) at Green Bay (8-0, Home: 3-0) ESPN

8-0 defending champs at home, easy pick.


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