NaBloPoMo Day 6

Day 6 of NaBloPoMo, with my NFL picks yesterday 9 games right on Sunday. Not too shabby. Some quick thoughts.

Miami not only winning but the Chiefs not showing up in a 31-3 loss. I’d say that’s horrible but that is the Colts. Who have seem to taken off the entire season, except for that weird Sunday night game they almost beat the Steelers. That might’ve been their chance to win a game this season. Yesterday the home crowd booed them and most were gone by the end of the game. Rightfully so. Remember they are hosting the Super Bowl in February. To see a team that bad with hosting the big game in the new year has got to be annoying.

Redskins lost again, with those Quarterbacks it’s to be expected.

My Ravens pick pulled through at the very end. If you didn’t see that game the Baltimore players dropped a few passed on that last drive that should’ve been caught. Luckily the last guy did catch the TD pass for the win.

Eli beats the Patriots at the end of a 4th quarter just like the Super Bowl. Jets beat the Bills. Main question today might be who is the best team in the AFC. I don’t know. No one is a clear choice like Green Bay is in the NFC.

That’s it for today. Tomorrow I suppose I will talk the Monday Night game, hope something happens in that one.


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