NaBloPoMo Day 2 : Yawn Halloween

Time to continue this month of blog entries every day.

Halloween, a strange day is over for another year. Never a big fan. First thing was that I never had much of a sweet tooth. Chocolate bars and chips I liked, but candy? Not really. If you don’t want to get a tonne of candy then going out doesn’t make sense. And I was not into ‘dressing up’ so if you add those 2 things together that must be reason I never got into the holiday.

I have a picture of myself during one of my first Halloweens. I’ll put that up in another post once I find it. You will see I am not making up the earlier paragraph.

Friday’s episode will be a rerun of last week. I’ll be working on Queen’s Football on Saturday at 1pm (correction 4:30pm) and working that night at 11pm. Which is even a longer day since the clocks go back that night. I’ve done that crazy day/night before during some previous football seasons. But I’ll need a full night’s sleep on Friday which explains the rerun.

Short post today but at least I got myself to do one. This is the end of my work week.


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