National Blog Posting Month or NaBloPoMo : Day 1

NaBloPoMo Day 1 : Midnight Shift

Heard of this before, November is ‘National Blog Posting Month’. Post a blog entry everyday of the month. Now, will I be able to do that? We’ll find out. One year I tried a similar thing, record a podcast every day of a month. That tailed off after a week since sitting down and recording is a lot more cumbersome.

Technically for me it’s still November 1st since I work midnights. I start at 11pm and even though most of the shift is the next day we still view this as Tuesday. For instance, long weekends and what counts as working a holiday. I’m in Sunday night at 11pm, that counts as Sunday. Even though for me 7 hours of that shift is on Monday morning it’s viewed as working Sunday night.

Short post to start things off. Just to get it underway.

Halloween is over, yawn.  I’ll explain tomorrow why I’ve never been a big fan.  Will save me some material for Day 2.

This week on the radio show either a taped show or rerun.  Last minute decided to help out on the Queen’s Football playoff broadcast this Saturday.  Been a few weeks and it’s a road game which is always a bit harder to do.  Might as well get one last game in this season.  Weekend after I will be in Toronto so if they advance I’ll be listening myself on the CFRC website.  If they have Wi-Fi on the bus when I hop on that to Toronto.


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